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Taking An Adult Dance Class With Us: Everything You Need To Know!

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People have been dancing the night away for a long, long time. The history of dance is actually pretty difficult to track because there aren’t any physical artifacts to trace that prove dancing’s early existence. But archeology aside, people have been dancing for millennia as a part of ceremonies, rituals, celebrations, entertainment, exercise, and...well, the list goes on.

The health benefits of dance are well-understood. The cultural connotations of dancing are well-understood. Ways to prevent dance-related injuries are also well-understood, as are the social benefits and sheer fun and enjoyment that accompany the experience. No matter how you look at it, there’s a ton of great information out there.

Give Our Ballroom Dance Classes A Shot — You Won’t Regret It!


But if you haven’t taken the plunge and joined one of our adult dance classes after searching for something like “adult dance classes near me” on your smartphone, we strongly encourage you to do so! Modern Ballroom Dance Studio offers ballroom-style dance classes and lessons in the Northern Virginia area, ranging from dance classes for beginners and social dance classesto ballroom dance competitions for those with a little more experience.

With 19 different styles of dance classes offered, we’re confident that you’ll find your groove!

From overcoming social barriers to increasing your flexibility to even meeting the love of your life — the possibilities are endless — there’s a lot to be gained when you join us at our ballroom dance studio in Woodbridge.

We’re going to take a good look at several dance benefits below, as well as highlight several aspects of our dance studio that we know you’ll love and enjoy. Let’s get moving!

Try Something New And Exciting

Take An Adult Dance Class With Us Today!

I’ve Never Danced Before. Why Should I Take A Class?


There are plenty of excuses that you could (and if you’re new to the experience, you probably have) come up with to avoid signing up for an adult dance class. We frequently hear things like “I’m not very flexible,” “But I’m socially awkward,” and “I’m clumsy and have no foot coordination.” While those things may be true, the best way to work through them is to challenge yourself by taking a beginner’s dance class!

Here are several tried-and-true benefits of dancing worth considering:
  • Improved coordination: Over time, you’ll notice that your feet, legs, and arms will move in tandem in ways that you never thought were possible. It just takes a little time and practice, but with some consistency, you’ll surprise yourself.
  • Shaping up: You better believe that the more you dance, the stronger you’ll get. Dancing is a fantastic form of low-impact cardio and it also works different muscle groups throughout your body. Better yet, it’s also much more interesting than hitting the gym.
  • Connecting with a great community: Don’t make it out of the house very often? Ballroom dance classes are a very low-pressure social environment that invites lighthearted fun and stimulating conversation onto the dance floor.
  • Rekindling your romance: We can’t promise that you’ll meet the love of your life at Modern Ballroom Dance Studio, but we’ll say that if your current relationship needs a little spark to spice things up, taking a dance class is ideal!
  • Having fun in the present moment: Dancing is such a great way to put down your phone and connect with people on an in-person level. People frequently mention that the time passed by too quickly because they were having such a great time.

Get Ready For Your Next Social Event

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Why Should You Take A Dance Class

Showing Up Prepared To Our Ballroom Dance Classes

Many people tend to flake or be turned off from the idea of a dance class not due to a lack of interest, but simply because they don’t know what to expect. We tend to fear the unknown or things that we don’t understand, so don’t worry — this is completely natural!

Our FAQ page does a great job at addressing these potential fears and concerns, but we’ll recap a few of the most common questions that we receive from prospective dance class goers:

Am I Required To Bring A Dance Partner With Me?

Not at all! One of the main hesitations that people have before they take an adult dance class is that they don’t have someone in mind to dance with. You can dance if you want to, you can leave your friends behind…because we teach singles and couples-based dance moves.

As far as couples-based dancing goes, so long as you’re willing to be friendly and get a little up and personal with someone new, we promise that you’ll have a good time. Never feel ashamed about showing up to our adult dance studio by yourself!

What Do I Wear?

This is an understandable concern. No one wants to feel like they’ve underdressed or overdressed, or just flat-out worn the wrong outfit. Though we host classy social events where dancers dress up in formal wear, we strongly recommend showing up in comfortable clothing that’s easy to move around in.

More importantly, make sure to wear shoes with a leather-sole bottom that are also easy to move around in. Rubber-bottomed shoes will stick to our floor and prevent fluid movements, so no athletic shoes, please!

How Often Do I Have To Take Lessons To Improve?

There’s no magic number of times per week or times per month in which our adult dance classes will be helpful. If you’re brand new to learning just about any type of dance, even one class is sure to be of benefit to you. Like exercise, however, the more often you do it (without strenuously pushing yourself), the faster you’ll improve and see results.

You Keep Mentioning “Adult Dance Classes.” What About Dance Classes For Kids?

Modern Ballroom Dance Studio is proud to have a kids dance program at our Woodbridge dance studio. Why let adults have all of the fun? We offer ballet classes for kids, jazz/contemporary dance classes for kids, and ballroom dance classes for kids age 6 or older. Visit the link above to learn more, or reach out to us if you have any specific questions.

How Social Dance Lessons Work, Exactly?

Our social ballroom dance lessons offer a relaxed, fun, and as you may have guessed, social environment to dance in. The idea is to teach you simple but common dance moves that you’d need to know (or want to know) in a variety of fairly standard social situations. Here are some common applications for our social dance lessons:

  • Weddings
  • Cruises
  • Nightclubs and venues
  • Corporate events
  • Date nights

Whether you’re casually at a bar and you want to impress your date or you want the confidence to own the wedding reception dance floor, our social dance lessons offer valuable and practical dance knowledge that you’ll hold onto for the rest of your life.

Wedding Dance Lessons In Woodbridge

Knowing how to dance appropriately in a variety of social situations, as we just touched on above, is a very useful skill to possess in life. Preparing to dance at your wedding, be it a few months from now or years down the line, is the most important social event of all. Therefore, you’ll probably want to be prepared.

Due to the relative popularity of weddings (and the sheer significance of them in one’s life), Modern Ballroom Dance Studio proudly offers ballroom wedding dance lessons specifically for grooms and brides-to-be.

Though the dance moves that we’ll help you learn vary based on what style of wedding you’re having, our ballroom dance studio will help instill you with the confidence that you need to truly rock it on the big day. Remember, don’t wait until you’re only a few weeks out from your wedding — it takes longer than this to really nail down a first dance, even if it’s a relatively simple one!

This is a celebration of your big day, and we want to ensure that preparing for it is as enjoyable as possible.

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As we often tell our students, life is short: seize the moment and give something new a try. Our new student special is the perfect way to get your feet moving if you’re completely new to our Top Rated Local® dance studio in Virginia, and if you’re experienced and looking to refine your existing moves or just take things to the next level, our experienced instructors will accommodate you without any issues.

We can’t wait to get moving with you! Start dancing today by getting in touch with our team.

Life Is Short. Get Outside Of Your Comfort Zone!

Get Your Feet Moving With Our Dance Instructors

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Being the best doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to train and learn all the aspects that create an atmosphere that is fun to learn in again and again. Consistency and passion are what make us the best! We are well trained; teach with passion and offer affordable prices; however, it’s the commitment to providing exceptional customer service every time you visit that makes us the best!

There are many questions you might have if ballroom dancing is a new hobby for you. We do our best to answer as many questions as we can on this website. If you decide to continue after your first lesson with us, we will give you a new student packet and review it so that you know exactly what to expect moving forward. Some of the many topics we inform you on are how to schedule your lessons, what shoes to wear long-term for the most success and etiquette of ballroom dancing. We want you to know what to expect so that your experience with us is positively first class. If you have any questions before scheduling your first lesson, please give us a call.

If you are checking out our website then most likely, you are interested in learning to dance! We are always hosting parties and attending events out on the town. Give us the opportunity to show you how to add some extra fun into your social life! Dancing is a great way to meet new people and get out of the house. Give us a call because we want you to check us out. Once you visit, you will feel the exciting, contagious energy ballroom dancing creates.

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