Timeliness: Please arrive on-time for your scheduled activities.  Instructors often have back-to-back lessons, and will not be able to run over the scheduled time. Many Students prefer to come early to change shoes, stretch, and warm-up before their lesson.

Mutual Respect: MBDS Students and Instructors commit to treating each other with dignity and respect before, after, and during their lessons and events.  No degrading or insulting behavior, language, actions, etc. will be tolerated from either MBDS Staff or Students. If any person in the studio feels like they have experienced such actions, we encourage them to inform an MBDS Staff member promptly.

Hygiene: Social dancing involves touching and being close to other people, so we always encourage our Students to practice good hygiene! We provide free breath mints and hand sanitizer at the front desk, but also recommend each Student practice their own good personal hygiene routine before stepping on the dance floor.

Communal Space: MBDS is a community driven space, and we ask all members of the MBDS family to treat the space with kindness and respect.  If you drop or spill something, please help clean it up promptly. If you have a lot of personal items, please store them in the coat closet and/or lockers.  If your shoes are dirty or have rocks in them, please clean them before stepping onto the dance floor.



Schedule and Length: All MBDS Private Lessons are scheduled in 45-minute time blocks, between 1 PM and 9 PM, Monday to Friday.  Lessons of other lengths, and at other times, can be discussed on a case-by-case basis with MBDS Staff. All private lessons may be used for 1 or 2 Students.

Customization: MBDS private lessons are customized to the specific needs and desires of each Student.  MBDS instructors will provide advice, guidance, and expertise for each Student’s program(s), but strive to work toward creating packages that meet each Student’s unique vision.

Cancellation: Private lessons may be canceled free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of the lesson.

Lessons canceled with fewer than 24 hours’ notice will be automatically charged a Late Cancellation Fee according to the following schedule:

Type of Lesson Canceled Late Cancellation Fee
50 Lesson Package $5
30 Lesson Package $10
20 Lesson Package $15
10 Lesson Package $20
All other lesson types (such as, but not limited to, Foundation, New Student, Single Lesson, Groupon) $25

Lessons may be canceled via an email to modernballroom.nova@gmail.com, by calling (703) 910-6242, or by stopping by the studio in person.  For all methods, please provide your name, lesson type, and the date/time of your scheduled lesson.

In support of this policy, all MBDS students are asked to place credit or debit card on file with the Studio. This card will be automatically charged the Late Cancellation Fee in the result of a Late Cancellation. If for any reason there is not a valid card on file with the studio, a hold will be placed on the student’s account and the fee must be paid before the student may participate in any MBDS group classes, private lessons, or events.

While we hope you never have to cancel a lesson, we understand that sometimes life happens and you will need to do so.  However, MBDS instructors are commission-based, and loss of a lesson at the last minute without adequate time to replace it can be detrimental to our instructors’ ability to support themselves.

Bulk Discount: Most MBDS private lesson packages are based around the cost of a single private lesson.  The larger a package a Student buys, the greater discount a Student will receive per lesson.

Early Termination: If a Student has paid for a package of private lessons, and not used all of the lessons, they may seek Early Termination of their package.  However, each lesson already completed in the package will be retroactively charged at the current cost for a single private lesson, not the discounted package price.  Additionally, all Early Terminations are assessed a 25% Early Termination Fee, based on the overall cost of the package. The student will then be refunded the difference.  If the Early Termination Fee is greater than the value of the remaining lessons, no refund will be issued.

Example of an Early Termination: If the current cost for single private lesson is $100, but the Student bought a 10 lesson package at a discounted rate of $90 per lesson for $900 total.  The Student has completed 4 lessons, and has 6 remaining, and requests an Early Termination. The 4 lessons they completed will be counted not as $90 each, but as $100 each (the current cost of a single private lesson).  A 25% early termination fee of $225 (i.e. 25% of $900) will also apply.

 The Student, therefore, owes the Studio $400 for the completed lessons, and $225 for the Early Termination fee.  Since the Student paid $900, they will receive a $275 refund (i.e. $900 – $400 – $225).

Military Exception: A United States Military service member may request an Early Termination of a package without incurring an early termination fee if they are doing so for one of three reasons:  entering active duty, permanent change of station (PCS) orders, or orders to deploy for a period of not less than 90 days. The service member must put their request to terminate the package in writing and must include a copy of their orders.

Lesson Expiration: Private Lesson packages expire according to the following Schedule:

Package Size Expiration Date
Single Lesson 6 months after purchase
Foundation Package 6 months after purchase
10 Lesson Package 12 months after purchase
20 Lesson Package 15 months after purchase
30 Lesson Package 18 months after purchase
Other Packages Case-by-case basis

Maximum Lessons: The maximum number of lessons per week any Student is permitted to take is fifteen (15).  This is to prevent a single or small number of Students from reserving all instructor time.  Note that this is still applicable in the final weeks before a package expiration. As such we encourage all Students to schedule out their lessons as early as possible.



Schedule and Length: All MBDS Group Classes are scheduled in 45-minute time blocks, at specific times between 1 PM and 9 PM, Monday to Friday.  The current schedule of Group Classes can always be found at www.modernballroomdance.com

Payment Options: Group Classes may be paid for in 3 different ways: 1) Drop-in fee, 2) Membership, 3) Invitations.  Drop-in fees are paid on a class by class basis. Memberships are monthly agreements that allow for unlimited Group Class attendance.  Invitations are reserved for Students who have purchased large private lesson packages. Speak to an MBDS Staff member for the most up to date information on how to receive invitations to Group Classes.

Drop-in Cancellation: Drop-in registration in a Group Class can be canceled at any time; however, no refund will be provided.  Group Class drop-in tickets do not expire, and can be rescheduled to another class in the future.

Membership Terms: Monthly Group Class Memberships are available for MBDS Students to purchase.  Like a gym, to enroll in a Membership, a Student must place a credit or debit card on file with the Studio and agree to a monthly autopay fee.  Unlimited class Memberships enable Students to take classes at a significant discount, which is why the Studio requires enrollment in autopay. A Membership can be canceled at any time by calling or stopping by the Studio.  No refunds are given for Membership cancellations. However, a Membership can be placed on hold at request of a Student. No further autopays will occur, nor will the Student be eligible to attend any Group Classes using the Membership, until the hold is removed.

Standardization: MBDS Group Classes by design are meant for groups of students.  Instructors will focus on the class as a whole, and may not be able to give all students one-on-one guidance during a Group Class.  If a Student would like additional attention from an Instructor, MDBS recommends taking private lessons.

Partner Rotation: Group Classes are a communal experience, and MBDS Instructors will often ask Students to rotate partners throughout the class.  This is an important part of the MBDS experience, as it allows Students to meet and dance with other Students, and encourages our solo members to come out to classes, and not worry that they will never have anyone to dance with.  If two Students would prefer not to rotate dance partners, we ask that they consider taking Private Lessons, where no rotation is expected.



Respectful Environment: All students, and family members/friends accompanying students to the studio, are expected to treat all people at MBDS with courtesy and respect. No disrespectful behavior will be tolerated, such as, but not limited to, teasing, bullying, yelling, disturbing other students, damaging studio property, etc.

Only Students in Class: Only MBDS students, teachers, and staff are permitted on the dance floor during classes.  Parents, siblings, and friends of students are welcome to wait for their students in the lounge area.  Having non-students sitting on the floor is a hazard for our dancers, is distracting, and can discourage students from fully expressing themselves through their dancing.

Food & Drink: No food or drink, other than water, is permitted during classes. Gum chewing is not allowed in the studio at any time.

Mirrors: Please do not touch or lean against the mirrors.  They are expensive, custom-made, and heavy.

Couches: Our couches in the lounge area love to attract dirt and splotches, please be mindful as you sit on them.

Cell Phone Use: Cell Phones are not permitted in classes; if you have an emergency, or need to get ahold of your student during class time, please call the studio at 703-910-6242 and we will get the message to your child.

Dancewear: Children attending Modern Ballroom kids classes are expected to dress appropriately for classes.  Recommended dancewear for each class is as follows:



  • Black Leotard
  • Pink Tights
  • Ballet Slippers (Pink/Nude) shades of pink varies


  • White Shirt
  • Black Pants
  • Black Ballet Shoes


  • White Shirt
  • Black Skirt
  • Ballroom Shoes or Other Dance Shoes


  • White Shirt
  • Black Pants
  • Ballroom Shoes or Other Dance Shoes
Jazz / Contemporary:


  • Leggings
  • Black or Solid Color Leotard
  • Jazz Shoes (Contemporary is without shoes)


  • Exercise Shorts or Pants
  • Plain T-Shirt
  • Jass Shoes or No Shoes



Friendly Community: More than anything, MBDS wants our Students to feel safe and comfortable learning how to dance.  No Student should feel intimidated or scared to ask any other member of the community to dance. Please introduce yourself to other students, dance with each other, and share your experiences here at MBDS!  If you are at all nervous, please speak with an MBDS Staff member or Instructor and we will be happy to introduce you around!

No Ticket Transfer: Each MBDS Event or Party is a unique occurrence.  As such, tickets purchased for one Event or Party may only be used for that Event or Party, and may not be used or saved for a different one in the future.  Additionally, no refunds or ticket resales are permitted for Events or Parties.