Do you experience any anxiety, dread, or fear about the thought of dancing with other friends or co-workers in a ballroom-like environment? If so, our dance studio in Woodbridge, VA can help! Have you ever watched someone dance and thought, “Wow, I’d sure enjoy dancing like they’re dancing. How do I do that?”, then our social ballroom dance lessons can also help you move with style and ease.

We help our students break through the fear and shyness of dancing in a fun, lighthearted, social setting. Whether your honeymoon cruise is around the corner or you’ve been invited to go salsa dancing with your co-workers, our social dance classes in Woodbridge offer value for all students. Dance the night away with the confidence and swagger you desire. Sign up for your first class today!

People come to Modern Ballroom Dance Studio to prepare for…


When was the last time you attended a wedding reception where there wasn’t a dance floor? Dancing is one of the most common ways people choose to celebrate their special day. Rather than hiding on the sidelines, be the first one on the dance floor having all the fun. You can be the hit of every single wedding you attend! Ballroom dance classes can get you out there! Want to learn another type of dance? We have you covered! Check out our dance class schedule!


If you are taking a break from your everyday life and heading out to sea on a cruise ship, shouldn’t you know how to be the life of the party? When you take ballroom dance lessons you can learn how to move your body so that you stand out on every dance floor that your grace. Cruises have plenty to offer! You may even be able to choose a different dance floor with different music every night! Refine your skills in one or more of our offered dance classes.


If you are looking to be the star of the dance floor no matter where you are, our trending dances classes are likely to suit your needs. Dances such as Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cha Cha, Kizomba, and Zouk are more popular than ever and definitely good to know if you’re wanting to make a good impression each time you visit a local nightclub or dance party.

Corporate Events

You will be a rock star by the end of the night when you take one of our classes before a corporate event! Dancing at your next company party is a great way to make a good impression and make friends. Not only can it be a great conversation starter which will have you staying longer than you had expected, but being a great dancer can make you stand out from the crowd. Just be sure to tell them where you took your ballroom dancing lessons when they ask!

Date Nights

When trying out a popular dating website or when on a romantic evening outing with someone special, rather than dinner and a movie, why not suggest dinner and dancing? Take a few dance classes beforehand and you’ll be sure to sweep your partner off their feet both literally and figuratively.

If you’re ready to learn something new and get some amazing exercise at the same time, contact Modern Ballroom Dance Studio and sign up for a dance class of your choice!

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