If you have kids, you know that it’s a full-time job keeping them entertained. And, if you don’t find healthy, engaging, and constructive things for them to do, they’ll end up spending way too much time on the couch in front of the big screen or the little screen. School sports are always a good option, but what about showing your child that there’s more out there and that fun doesn’t always have to involve keeping score? At Modern Ballroom Dance Studio in Woodbridge, our kid’s dance program is an exciting, new after-school activity that your child will love.

Most people have heard of the benefits of joining a sports team, such as learning to work together, practicing discipline, and learning respect, but did you know that there are also many equally-important benefits of teaching your child to dance? In today’s post, we’re going to discuss all of the ways in which learning to dance is good for children, and if you have some little ones of your own, you might want to see if it’s something that interests them.

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A Healthy Way To Burn Excess Energy

Children need an outlet for pent up energy — especially when they spend hours a day in a classroom. Taking dance lessons gives your child something to look forward to where they’ll be challenged physically and mentally. This is healthy and beneficial for children in that it improves focus, provides a good form of exercise, and helps them sleep at night.

Improves Health and Fitness

Dancing is a fun way for children to get much-needed physical activity. It works their cardiovascular system, improves balance, builds endurance, and it aids in muscle development. Dancing is hard work, but it’s an enjoyable way to build a healthy and fit body.

Improves Social Skills

Even if they aren’t dancing with a partner, dance classes still provide a great opportunity for your child to meet new friends and build relationships. Learning together as a group also teaches patience, team building, and respect for each other.

Improves Self-Esteem

There’s no better way to build self-esteem than by getting comfortable dancing in front of a group. Learning to dance is a challenge, and becoming a good dancer is a process that takes time and dedication. No one starts out being a perfect dancer, and even experienced dancers don’t execute the moves perfectly every time. But, dancing will allow you to apply yourself, to see what you can really do, and overcome obstacles that you didn’t think were possible to overcome.
The result of dedicating yourself to something is improved confidence and self-worth, plus satisfaction in a job well done. In essence, your child will have something to be proud of, and that is key to building good self-esteem.

Better Posture

A child’s posture can suffer from hours spent at a desk during the day, and likely they are spending even more hours spent on the couch at night. Learning to dance will teach your child good posture habits that will not only help them become a better dancer, but it will extend into all areas of their life. Good posture builds the muscles necessary to maintain that good form throughout the day. It increases lung capacity, improves circulation, and reduces tension in your neck and shoulders.


Learning to dance provides a way for your child to express themselves and it offers them a way to show their creativity. It also exposes them to new types of music and dance styles that they wouldn’t have otherwise been exposed to. This is important because it will teach your child to appreciate different types of art, and being able to express themselves freely will provide a positive method for managing stress and dealing with anxiety.

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Give your child the opportunity to learn valuable lessons, improve their health, and — most importantly — have fun! Call to enroll your child today!