Night Out On The Town

It’s a big world out there, and that mean plenty of dancing opportunities. At Modern Ballroom Dance Studio, we seek out these events. Live bands, concerts, river cruises, and upscale nightclubs are just some of the places to which we go as a group. Put your ballroom dancing lessons to use and attend a dinner and dancing event wit us. It’s always more fun when you have a group of familiar faces around!

Dance Vacations

Ever thought about going on a cruise where you can meet ballroom dancers from all over? We have. Every January, we gather a group of dancers from our studio that want to venture to the warm Caribbean for a dance vacation. It’s also possible to visit other parts of the world for sharing a hobby like ballroom dancing which is so universal. We take suggestions for traveling destinations, because traveling as a group is such fun!

In-Studio Events

Showcases, themed parties, formal events and charity events are all examples of how we keep our studio exciting. Studio events are great ways to give our ballroom dancing class students the opportunity to perform without undue pressure. These serve as showcases which allow our students to develop and work on a routine of their choice. The thrill of choosing the song, the type of dance, and coordinated costuming allows them to experience something of their own which is creative and exciting. In-studio events provide a safe environment which allows stepping outside one’s comfort zone without fear. Performances at our themed parties also furnish venues through which our students can show off their progress without undue pressure. Whether performing or just attending our studio events, they provide a low-stress experience geared to developing increased self-confidence.

Modern Ballroom Dance Studio Competitions

The next step up for those who want more! At Modern Ballroom Dance Studio competitions, you will have the opportunity to perform routines on which you have worked hard during ballroom classes, as well as compete against others in your age category at your level. Competitions are fun, but the journey getting there is even better. The amount of progress you will see in your dancing in a short period of time is very motivating. Combine motivation with excitement and the camaraderie amongst our group and you will be inspired to reach your peak potential!

N.D.C.A. Competitions

DanceSport competitions are for the people who are determined to be the best! These competitions are grand from the décor of the ballroom to the endless amount of costumes on display. It is at these competitions that you will compete among the best amateurs in the nation. In addition, you will have the opportunity to watch amazing professional competitions that will leave you breathless each night of competition. Among the most well-known of N.D.C.A. competitions are United States Dance Championships (where pros strive to attain a national title), Ohio Star Ball Championships (a.k.a. America’s Ballroom Challenge) which is televised, and Millennium DanceSport Championships which has become very popular and keeps growing year after year.

Whether you are performing, competing or just attending one of our events, it will be an experience you will remember forever! The thrill of one of our events is something you should experience at least once just so you can say, “I did it and I loved it!”