You don’t have to compete to become a good social dancer, although some people are motivated by having a specific achievement goal. At some point during your dancing journey, you may find you want something more than basic success in your ballroom dancing abilities. Having an achievement challenge and support for making it happen elevates your skill in dancing in a short period of time. There are so many avenues you can take if competing and/or performing sound like fun to you.

Of the many elements that go into preparing for improving your performance, setting realistic goals is most important. The whole purpose behind performing and competing is pushing yourself to YOUR maximum to find out what you’re really capable of. The end result is amazing, but it’s the journey you’ll come to love!

A great benefit of preparing for competition is the relationships you will build with others who have compatible interests. Some competitions involve our traveling as a group and the value of this experience makes the time and effort dedicated to the trip worth it all! From meeting at the airport and flying together to the shows we attend, you will always feel the ultimate support from your fellow competitors. When we aren’t competing, sightseeing as a group becomes part of an overall memorable experience.

Very few people start their dancing journey in our ballroom dance studio with the intention to compete, although everyone is motivated differently. If you think competing or performing is something you would like to experience, just let us know and we can guide you with the right ballroom dancing lessons for accomplishing your goal.