ballroom-couplesWhether you have been in a relationship for years or you are in a new relationship, ballroom dancing can be truly beneficial in deepening your bond. In any relationship, building a solid foundation of trust and communication creates the strongest connection between two people. Whether performing the tango, the cha-cha or the foxtrot, couples participating in ballroom dancing have to trust one another or risk falling on their faces. Let’s explore the reasons why ballroom dancing is so beneficial for couples:

You’re Learning Something New Together

One of the greatest ways to breathe life into long-term relationships is to embark upon something new together. By learning something new together, couples are jumping into the unknown together, which is a great bonding experience. When you couples learn something new together, they are building confidence together.


Not only will ballroom dancing help build the confidence of couples, but it is a really fun way to work out together. The endless hours spent practicing movements and learning choreography is a great way to burn calories and get those endorphins flowing. The best part about ballroom dancing is that although it is an intense form of exercise, it is way more fun than your local crossfit class or boot camp fitness.

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Communication And Body Language

When couples take ballroom dancing lessons, they have to tune into each other’s movements in order to establish a sense of trust. According to ballroom dancing champion Elena Grinenko, the level of communication using the body language “is unbeatable.” Couples must practice good etiquette in addition to communication and use lots of eye contact in order to establish this connection.

Stress Relief

The physical activity of dancing together is not only great exercise, but it’s also a great way to relieve stress. Stress takes its toll on couples, so when they are able to effectively manage stress together, their relationship grows stronger.

Quality Time Together

In our modern age, the constant influx of text messages, emails, and other alerts from our phones can take away from the quality time that we spend with our loved ones. By ballroom dancing together, couples are spending time together in one another’s arms, communicating both verbally and physically, without the distractions of a cell phone. You simply cannot perform a ballroom dance routine while holding a cell phone in your hand. In fact, many psychotherapists believe that there is no substitute for spending quality time together in order for couples to maintain a great bond. Additionally, quality time together should be not be spent zoning out watching television, but should actually be spent doing a shared activity. With all of the benefits that we have listed so far, why not make that shared activity be ballroom dancing together?

Are you and your partner ready to explore the wonderful world of ballroom dancing? Our ballroom dance studio offers a variety of dancing classes for adults so that you can enjoy ballroom dancing. Our adult dance classes in Alexandria are taught with a sense of fun and lightheartedness so that you can enjoy learning our choreography as much as possible.