modernCTA4Here at Modern Ballroom Dance Studio, we’re very pleased to offer so many different options for people who are interested in ballroom dancing lessons. Not only do we get those who are interested in adult dance classes as a hobby and to engage in a fun social activity, but we’re also a great place for those who are interested in ballroom dancing to congregate, learn more, and get better.

But as much as we’d like everyone to step through our door to stay for years, there are some situations in which people are interested in learning the basics, or a single dance, and then moving along. We’re happy to introduce them to the wonders of ballroom dancing and hope they’ll come back when they want to learn more. So why do people come in for just a limited amount of ballroom dancing lessons?


While there are many fun activities on a cruise ship, the ballroom dancing aspect can make a person regret not taking the time to learn the basics in order to join in. Adult dance classes at our ballroom dance studio can get you ready for that cruise, whether it’s just you or you and your partner coming in for classes. The more classes you take, the more you’re likely to impress…and maybe win a little something on the ship!

As a fun side note, the dancers at Modern Ballroom sometimes take cruises together! After all, cruise ships make a great place to let loose and make use of multiple dance floors in one small space.


We have adult dance lessons to help two types of wedding people. First of all, we help the brides and grooms (as well as brides and fathers) get ready for their first dance. This is the dance that everyone will be watching, so a lot of care is put into getting that one dance just right.

The other type of wedding dancer that stops by is the person who knows just how fun it can be to tear up the dance floor at a wedding. This person takes ballroom dancing lessons with us, learns the basics, and then is ready to go when the reception starts. If you’ve ever wondered how people have the confidence to get out on the dance floor after a wedding, it’s because they’ve taken dance lessons from a dance studio like Modern Ballroom.


That person we were talking about who likes to get out on the dance floor at weddings…it’s going to help them at night
clubs, too. Now might be the time to mention that Modern Ballroom Dance Studio isn’t just about traditional ballroom dancing. We also offer classes in other types of dance, including Merengue, Cha Cha, Bachata, Salsa, Zouk, and Kizomba so that you can be ready for whichever song the DJ decides to play next.

Black Tie and Corporate Events

Being in the Washington, D.C. area, there’s no shortage of special ballroom 4events going on, and many of them are an excellent outlet for ballroom dancing. If your company is having an event, be ready to impress your coworkers with your dance moves.

When you get right down to it, taking adult dance classes and having the basics at hand will leave you with a lifelong skill that you’ll be able to use again and again. Ready to increase your skillset? Contact Modern Ballroom Dance Studio today!