Why These Excuses are Seen as Lame by Instructors of Dance

dance classes alexandria If you’ve been thinking about taking dance classes, but have put it off for one reason or another, you make recognize some of these excuses. Whether you’re intimidated, embarrassed, scared or just plain broke, this list of excuses may hit home. But we’ve also given a whole list of reasons why those lame excuses just don’t hold water. Here’s what you don’t want to tell a dance teacher if you are asked why you haven’t signed up for classes.

  • I don’t know how to dance – Excuse us while we pick our jaws up off the dance floor. The point of dance class is to TEACH you how to dance. You don’t even have to be semi-coordinated to enjoy lessons or to get something out of them. Just start with a beginner’s class, show up on time and work hard and you’ll fit in just fine.
  • I’m not in good enough shape – So, you must be of the believe that a dancer’s body comes naturally. Actually, it’s quite the opposite, dancers look as amazing as they do by moving their bodies in the ways  that they do. Take a dance class, work your body. You’ll get into shape.
  • I’m too old – There is not a dance instructor anywhere that has turned away a student because of their age. In fact, many people who start later in life are more dedicated and excited about dance lessons than those kids whose parents have forced them into it. Dancing is for everybody. Give it a shot. You know you want to.
  • I don’t want to look stupid – Well, nobody does. But if you’re denying yourself the joy of dance because you care too much of what people think of you, you’ll miss out on a lot in this life. Take a chance. Be uncomfortable. Then let your freak flag fly. You’ll find that both your instructor and your classmates are on your side.
  • It costs too much – So does a sedentary lifestyle. Staying active and physically fit is good for you and your pocketbook as we know how much long-term illness can cost. Look at signing up for adult dance classes as an investment in you and your long-term health. Build it into your budget and it’ll be worth every penny.
  • I’m injured – Being adults, it is quite possible that a good number of us have one old injury or another. But dancing, with the advice and approval of your doctor of course, increases flexibility, stamina and strength. So, get moving and get recovering.
  • I don’t know if my (fill in the blank) will approve – Husbands, wives, friends and family may all have something to say about it but the fact is, they can’t argue with the fact that its good for you, that you want to and that they are invited to come along and give it a try. Thing is, dancing is a very personal choice – one that you can only make for yourself.

Stop with the excuses, there is no better time to dance than now. We can help you feel more comfortable about getting started with adult ballroom dance lessons, ensuring that you get the most out of them. Call us to sign up for your first dance class now.

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