tips-ballroom-weddingAre you frantically preparing for your upcoming wedding? Wedding planning can be one of the most stressful undertakings of all time for couples. Various social media outlets and YouTube feature thousands of dances performed at weddings. As a bride or groom, you might be thinking about performing some type of dance together at your wedding but you don’t even know where to begin. At Modern Ballroom Dance Studio, our instructors have years of experience teaching ballroom dance lessons for weddings. Here are some tips for ballroom dance lessons for weddings:

The Earlier You Come In, The Better

The stress of wedding planning escalates as the looming wedding date gets closer and closer. Even the most basic ballroom dances take longer than two weeks to learn, so don’t think that you can take one lesson a week before your wedding and then dance like John Travolta. Additionally, we want for you to enjoy your ballroom dance experience, so it’s best to get into the studio early enough so that you can learn your dances and have a great time doing so. Ballroom dancing also provides a great form of stress relief, so these lessons could be the perfect antidote to the stress of wedding planning. Not only that, you and your partner can enjoy one another’s company without discussing the mundane details of wedding planning.

Our Dance FAQS

Understand Your Schedule

What level of commitment can you both make to learning a new ballroom dance? Although most couples want to look like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire on the dance floor, they must be realistic about their expectations. For couples that are new to ballroom dancing, we recommend that they take adult dance classes twice a week for at least the first four weeks. Couples also need to commit to carving out time each week in their schedules for their ballroom dance lessons.


Before you begin your ballroom dance lessons, you must determine your budget. After all, you are most likely spending a large amount of money on your wedding, so you need to understand how much money you can realistically set aside for your dance lessons. As far as budgeting goes, timing is everything, and most of your wedding expenses are due a few weeks before the wedding. This is one of the other reasons why we recommend coming in earlier for your dance lessons rather than a few weeks before your wedding date.


Are there any songs that evoke special memories between you and your partner? This would be a great song for you to dance to together at your wedding. However, if you are unsure of what song to pick for your wedding dance, we can certainly help you. Our experienced instructors have taught countless couples wedding dances, so we know many songs that capture the moment well and are easy to learn.

Are you interested in taking adult dance classes in Alexandria for your wedding dance? Contact our ballroom dance studio today to learn more about our ballroom dance classes.