6 Questions that Help you Choose the Perfect Dance Lessons

Having a number of ballroom dance studios to choose from isn’t something to complain about for sure, but it sure does raise a few questions. Knowing which one will work for you means asking several questions; some questions that you may not know to even ask. No worries. We’ve got you covered. Before signing up for ballroom lessons in Woodbridge, make sure to ask the following queries in order to ensure that you are ultimately satisfied with your dance experience.

Your Dance Instructor Should be Able to Answer the Following:

  1. Do they offer lessons in all dance styles? From salsa to tango, from the waltz to the foxtrot, the studio you choose should specialize in some dances, but offer lessons in all. A good instructor is a comprehensively-skilled instructor and should be able to address all dances and their techniques.
  2. What are past students saying about them? Check those Yelp reviews but make sure to ask previous and current students about their experience. Do they enjoy coming to class? Are they happy with their progress? Would they recommend the studio to a friend?
  3. What certifications do they require of their instructors? Make sure that the potential instructors actually hold certifications in order to teach dance. You want to ensure that your dance teacher knows the proper techniques and has the proper training.
  4. How is progress monitored or tracked? Knowing at what pace and with what skills you are progressing at is key to your dance experience. It is imperative to your results that you can track just how far you’ve come. Are there tests to pass? How will you be compared to others? How will you know when you are ready to advance to the next level? There should be a syllabus to follow rather than some random standard set by the instructor.
  5. What is the cancellation policy? Before signing up and paying for classes, make sure that you are covered with a cancellation agreement if you are not able to finish your classes. You’ll want to be able to recoup your costs if the studio unexpectedly closes.
  6. What is the cost? The average cost of adult dance lessons does vary slightly, at prices set at about $200 for a few weeks of lessons. These costs will vary depending on whether you choose to take private, group or party sessions. Often, the larger the class, the lesser the rate.

Choosing the right dance studio for you will also be determined by their location and class schedule and offerings. Ensure your future satisfaction by making sure you’ve got all the answers you need before that first step – dance or otherwise.

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