If you have never been to a social dance class before, chances are you have plenty of questions. While it is likely that you have attended plenty of events where social dancing was taking place (weddings, dinner dates, business parties), you may have never been to a dance studio to participate in a class. If this is the case, there is no need for you worry. Modern Ballroom Dance Studio has compiled a list below of the dos and don’ts of social dancing. Continue reading below to learn more.

Things To Do During Social Dance Classes

  • Feel Free To Ask People To Dance
    This isn’t the 1920s and it certainly isn’t a Sadie Hawkins Dance. If you want to ask someone to dance, do it! Both men and women should feel equally inclined to proposition someone else in the class with a dance. Don’t be shy! You might find your next great dance partner.
  • Accept Offers To Dance
    While you may not want to give everyone a spin on the dance floor, know that it is good social manners to accept an invitation to dance. While there are caveats to this rule (you have promised the dance to another partner, you are injured, you are leaving the event), for the most part, just try to say “yes!”
  • Be Polite If You Decline A Dance
    We might not encourage people to decline dances, but we do understand that circumstances vary in each situation. Smile and say “thank you” to anyone offering to dance with you. After all, it takes courage for a person to put themselves out there like that.
  • Dance Through The Entire Song
    If you choose to only dance part of the time the song is playing, you are essentially telling your partner that you do not value their time.
  • Thank Your Partner
    Once the dance has ended, be sure that you always thank your partner and then escort them off the dance floor.
  • Clap For Live Musicians
    If there happens to be a live band playing the music you are dancing to, be sure to clap to show your appreciation.
  • Have Good Hygiene
    While we know it might sound silly that we have to say this, be aware of your personal hygiene when you are heading to a social dance class. Even if it means only putting on an extra application of deodorant, your partners are sure to appreciate it.
  • Wear Something Appropriate
    We get a lot of questions about what people should and should not wear when they come to one of our social dance classes. Our advice is to wear something comfortable but that you will also feel good about meeting new people in. Additionally, if you have long hair, we ask that you tie it back so that you don’t accidentally whip someone on the dance floor in the face with it.

Things Not To Do During A Social Dance Class

  • Forget To Smile
    Dancing is fun so why don’t you act like it? Not only will you have a better time if you let loose, but you’re much more likely to be asked to dance if you appear to be approachable.
  • Show Off
    Even if you are a fantastic dancer, it’s not likely that every person you ask to dance will be. Keeping this in mind, try not to show off. Not only is it inconsiderate of your partner, but it can also be dangerous.
  • Blame Your Partner For Mistakes
    If someone in your dancing duo missteps, there is no need to finger point or blame either of you. Mistakes happen when dancing, just go with the flow and try to have a good time.
  • Miss Your Opportunity Because Of Fear
    We meet people all the time who come into our dance classes and tell us that they have been considering coming for months. When we ask what took them so long, the most common answer we get is that they were afraid to put themselves out there. At the Modern Ballroom Dance Studio, we applaud people who have the desire and the confidence to come to our space and really let their hair down. Don’t miss out on an opportunity that could be potentially life-changing. Sign up for a social dance class today!
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