You can dance if you want to, you can leave your friends behind…but if you or your friends don’t know how to dance or enjoy yourselves in a public dancing scenario, then you’re probably going to have an awkward time.

You may be a “car dancer,” or someone who grooves in their car to the music blasting, preferably with the top down (unless your shame drives you to keep the top up). Maybe you’re a shower dancer, someone who isn’t satisfied with merely singing in the shower (be careful, the shower is quite a slippery venue to dance in). Perhaps dancing home alone in your underwear is where you feel the most comfortable.

The truth is, humans are rhythmical creatures and we’re only naturally inclined to start dancing when we hear music that we like. It moves us, and it feels good to express this energy through the art of dance. But once we’re in a public, social setting dancing with other people around us who really know what they’re doing out on the dancefloor, it’s easy to feel awkward and self-conscious.

Fortunately, Modern Ballroom Dance Studio, the best place to take social dance classes in Woodbridge, Virginia, can help you ace that next dance event like a true pro.

Social Ballroom Dance Lessons In Woodbridge

From date nights to cruises, weddings, corporate events and beyond, our social ballroom dance lessons offer lasting lifetime value. You never really know when you might need to get your dance on…and here’s the thing — it simply feels good to know what you’re doing out there. If you don’t trust us on that one, then trust these people!

Here are a few things that you’ll avoid dealing with in a social dance setting once you start taking our social dance classes:

Pretending Like You Know What You’re Doing

The old saying “fake it ‘till you make it” applies in many different scenarios in life, but unfortunately, faking it doesn’t work really well when it comes to dancing. People are going to see through your awkward, mechanical movements, and at the end of the evening, it’s just not going to look good.

Of course, the people around you should be more concerned with themselves dancing, and less concerned about judging your own movements.

Relying On Alcohol To Loosen Up And Feel Comfortable

Let’s be real: hundreds of millions of people around the world choose to use alcohol as a way to loosen up and become more “socially fluid.” And while that’s an individual liberty and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with drinking responsibly, it shouldn’t be your dancing crutch. We’ve all seen what happens when someone who doesn’t know how to dance drinks to excess and then starts to showboat their wild, uncoordinated moves.

Again, if a drink or two helps you manage your social anxiety or helps you not overthink dancing in the moment, then by all means, feel free to imbibe. Just know that drinking is not a cure-all solution for not knowing how to dance in a social setting, and even just one or two social dance lessons with Modern Ballroom Dance Studio will help you harness the confidence you need to dance the night away out there.

Failing To Find A Partner To Dance With

Sometimes, one of the main struggles that people deal with at an event with a dancefloor is that they simply don’t know how to approach someone and politely ask, “Would you like to dance with me?” If you’re there with your significant other or a date, then of course you already have an implied dance partner, but there’s definitely nothing wrong with a little single mingling.

When you join our dance studio for an adult dance class, we won’t just help you with basic and common dance moves; we’ll help you learn how to approach and navigate once-intimidating social situations. It’s all part of the social dance experience!

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Whether you’re preparing for your big wedding day or you’re headed out on a cruise, knowing how to casually dance in social settings is a lifelong skill that we really value (and we hope that you do too!). Get in touch with Modern Ballroom Dance Studio today to learn more!

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