A Quinceañera is full of traditions meant for your family to help you celebrate coming into adulthood. Add a twist to your Quince you will remember forever by including a surprise dance everyone will love. At Modern Ballroom Dance Studio in Woodbridge, we can help you choreograph a Surprise Dance in addition to your other Quinceañera dances. Here are some fun ideas for your Quinceañera surprise dance.

Create A Hip Hop Dance Con Sus Chambelan Y Damas!

Let tradition take a backseat for a second and have some fun with your best friends. It is your Quince after all! Think of your favorite current song that you and your friends can learn together and remember always. You can take the time to practice and hang out together while also preparing for your special day. Get everyone involved and have as much fun as you want with this unique dance.

Let It Be Lyrical

Maybe you want the spotlight all to yourself; learn a lyrical dance for solo that is sure to have your mom and tias tearing up the whole night. We can help you coordinate a surprise dance that is all your own and celebrates the new, beautiful, older you on your special day. Modern Ballroom Dance Studio can help you find music, costumes, and moves that will make a statement your whole family will cherish forever.

Glow Dance

Bring in the black nights and the neon colors! Give your Quince an extra flash of color by coordinating costumes that work with black lights. We can help you choreograph dance moves that can make the song of your choice really pop. Get everyone involved because we can make these moves work for girls and guys. Talk to us about this Surprise Dance Idea for your Quinceañera now!

Keep It Traditional

Finally, of course, pick out a traditional dance you simply cannot imagine your Quince without and let us help you add your own twist to it. We can help your court dance move seamlessly and make rehearsals easy. We provide a number of packages to include everyone and help you learn your moves without the nerves. 

Ready to Get Started?

We can help make your ideas for your surprise dance into a reality or share some of ours with you if you’re not sure where to start. Start rehearsing for your Quince today so you can really surprise your family and have a birthday you will remember forever. Contact Modern Ballroom Dance Studio in Woodbridge now!