It may seem like only yesterday that your longtime love got down on one knee and proposed to you. However, the date is set and it’s time to get to work planning your big day, which is an overwhelming, exhausting experience. You must consider even the smallest details, such as table cloth colors and silverware, all while deciding upon bridesmaids and what types of dresses they should wear. Not only are you planning a huge event, you also have to shop for a wedding dress, make a hair appointment, and pick out the proper jewelry and shoes. With so much on your plate, it could be easy to forget to plan your wedding dance until the very last minute. If you wait too long to plan your wedding dance, it could result in a very sloppy and embarrassing execution, which somebody will post on youtube. Our ballroom dance studio would like to offer some tips for your wedding dance:

Song Selection

If you have any elderly people at your wedding such as grandparents or great aunts, make sure to pick a song without offensive lyrics. It’s best to choose a song that isn’t too long, and we recommend a song that’s about three minutes long. The song you want to dance to should not be too fast or too slow, and it needs to have a strong beat that you can pick up. If you are unsure of a song, our instructors at the Modern Ballroom Dance Studio can help you out when you take lessons with us.


Remember, you want to break in your shoes before your wedding dance to avoid slipping and falling on your face. Again, one of your guests will post this on youtube and most likely on Facebook as well. Avoid this mistake by practicing in your shoes ahead of time and sticking dance rubber on the bottoms of your shoes. Also, it’s a good idea to have a pair of backup shoes on hand just in case your heel breaks or some other shoe mishap occurs.

Take Ballroom Dance Lessons

At The Modern Ballroom Dance Studio, our instructors have years of experience helping couples prepare for their wedding dances. Before you get started, look into your budget so that you are aware of the type of investment you can make into your ballroom dance lessons. In order to present the best possible dance, we recommend coming in for lessons sooner rather than later. Even the most simple dance takes at least two weeks to learn, and could take much longer if you have little or no dance experience. If you wait until the very last minute to take dance lessons, you will also be more stressed out with other wedding planning scenarios, and it could be harder for you to pick up the choreography.

If you have an upcoming wedding, contact our ballroom dance studio in Alexandria for our adult dance classes today. We would be happy to help you and your future groom learn some amazing dance moves. You might even look so good that someone posts your dance on youtube for the right reasons.