If you’ve decided to sign up for dance lessons for the first time, you probably have several questions combined with a bit of nervousness. If so, that’s okay and perfectly normal. At Modern Ballroom Dance Studio we’ve worked with hundreds of students and we want to make your dance experience a great one. In today’s post, we’re going to review the five things you should know before going to your first dance lesson. Hopefully, it will put your mind at ease so you can just look forward to your lessons and have fun!

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What to Wear

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions that we hear. Everyone wants to know if they need to buy something special to wear to their dance lessons, and the answer is simpler than you may think. You definitely do not need to wear special attire for your lessons — unless you want to! The most important advice we can give you is to wear something comfortable! You’ll want to make sure that your clothes are not too restrictive and easy to move in. Other than that, you’ll just want to consider the type of shoes you wear. Shoes with leather-soled bottoms are best. If you wear ones with a rubber sole (like tennis shoes) your feet will stick to the floor and prevent you from moving freely.

What To Bring With You

There really isn’t anything that you need to bring with you other than a positive attitude and a willingness to have fun! You can certainly bring a bottle of water with you, but there isn’t anything else you will need. If you have specific questions about something you would like to bring with you or if you would like more specifics on what people usually wear, feel free to reach out to one of our instructors before class and we would be happy to help. After all, we want you to feel comfortable when you come to visit us for the time!

It Won’t Be As Hard As You Think

Many people get worried that they won’t be able to keep up with the instructor or that they won’t get the hang of it. Try not to worry. Even if you’ve never had formal dance instruction, have only danced socially, or have never really danced at all, our classes are fun and suitable for people of all dance levels.

Keep in mind that our instructors have years of experience working with people of all different ages and experience levels. They’ve pretty much seen it all! Rest assured that they won’t judge you or make you feel bad, and in just a short time you’ll feel more confident in your dancing skills.

It’s Normal to Feel Nervous

Any time you sign up to learn something new, visit a new place or meet new people, it’s normal to feel a bit nervous. There’s a fear of the unknown — will you enjoy working with your instructor and your classmates? What if you’re the worst dancer in the class? What will everyone think if you mess up?

The first thing you should realize is that you won’t be the only one with butterflies in their stomach. But these feelings will go away quickly. The key is to just let go. Quit over-thinking things and expecting the worst. Sure, you won’t perform every step flawlessly, but that’s why you, and everyone else is there. If you can just relax and enjoy how your body moves to the music, you’ll soon realize that there was no reason to be nervous.

Don’t Hesitate To Ask Questions

If you’re new to taking dance lessons, you’re probably going to have questions, not just before your first class, but during class as well. The last thing we want you to do is to feel intimidated about speaking to your instructor. After all, we’re here to help you learn! In our experience, if you’re curious about something, chances are someone else in the class has the same question.

If you’re looking for more information outside of class, feel free to check out our website or our page with frequently asked questions. Of course, you can always call our studio to speak with someone directly.

We Look Forward to Meeting You!

We love sharing our passion for dancing with novice and experienced students alike. If this is your first time taking lessons, or the first time visiting our studio, we want to make sure you feel welcome. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to answer any questions or ease any fears. If you haven’t actually signed up for a class yet, make sure you inquire about our new student special. We’re certain that once you try a dance class at Modern Ballroom Dance Studio, you’ll be back for more!