We are all aware of the importance of eating healthy and regularly exercising, but that doesn’t mean that we all get the proper amount of exercise. With so many different types of exercises to choose from, you may not even know where to begin. You may not consider yourself to be a fitness-oriented individual, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a type of exercise that appeals to you. Today, we would like to discuss the downside to certain types of exercise:


Running is the most popular form of exercise behind walking, which is most likely due to its convenience. All you need in order to go running is a good pair of shoes and a surface to run on. However, if you have any type of knee injury whatsoever, running could cause even more damage to your knees. Also, doctors recommend that runners must incorporate strength training into their fitness programs in order to lessen the impact on your joints. Therefore, if you like to run, you better be hitting the weight room at the gym as well in order to prevent joint damage. Not only can running be damaging to your joints, but it’s the most boring exercise on the planet. Thirty minutes never felt as long as it did when you were running last, even if you were listening to your favorite music.

Weight Lifting

Entering the weight room at the gym is not the most pleasant experience for all people. There’s always the guys in the weight room who grunt and make a big fuss each time that they lift a heavy weight. Is it really necessary to bellow through each repetition? There are also the sleazebags that simply hang around the weight room checking out their bodies in the mirror and waiting for a woman to hit on. Such men repel women from the weight room, which is a shame. Both men and women benefit from building their strength, so the weight room should be a safe place to work out without being bothered.

Try Ballroom Dancing Instead

Were you aware of the many health benefits of ballroom dancing? You can build your strength and endurance without ever having to surround yourself with the jerks you may encounter at the gym. When you learn dance moves and choreography, you build your endurance and experience an excellent cardiovascular workout. All of the twists, quick steps, and turns you make also help to build your strength. Ballroom dancing is a much more fun way to build strength than suffering through another workout in the gym weight room.

Another benefit of ballroom dancing classes is increased flexibility in your body. Adult dance classes often incorporate many stretches before and after dancing in order to prevent injury to your body. As you perform certain dance moves, you will notice an increased flexibility and range of movement in your body.

Don’t suffer through another painfully horrible workout again! Take our adult dance classes in Alexandria to build your strength, endurance, and flexibility while having the time of your life. Contact the Modern Ballroom Dance Studio to learn more today.