If you are looking for a fun, new experience to share with your significant other, consider taking a couples dance lesson! You may find yourselves opening up to one another in new ways you never have before and learning something new together you can enjoy much longer than any dinner or movie.

Salsa Lessons

Leave your tortilla chips at home, this is Salsa! A Latin dance with roots in Puerto Rico, Cuba and surrounding Caribbean islands, Salsa is known for its sensuality and romanticism. It’s all in the hips. Sway with the one you love in a fun couples dance lesson to connect in all new ways. Lead the way into love or fall into it, Salsa lessons for couples are a great date night opportunity if you are looking for something fun and new to do together. 

Swing Dance

Whether it’s East Coast Swing or West, Swing classes are another great couples dance to learn if you’re interested. East Coast Swing is a ballroom version of swing dance that is characterized by its three steps in quick succession. The dance is also called triple step swing. It is energetic, animated, and a great form of cardio. West Coast Swing, on the other hand, is occasionally called “Westie”. It was developed in California and derived from Lindy Hop. It is known for its long, flowing movements danced on a line or slot.

Want to take a lesson on your own? Don’t worry. Swing is a great partner dance class so you are sure to meet someone who will sweep you off your feet — literally— if you’re looking for a dance partner. 

Viennese Waltz

Onetwothree, onetwothree. We all know the beat. Imagine yourself in a dazzling gown or long coat-tails, and you have yourself a waltz. This dance is known for its fast rotation and movement along the floor. It is great for beginners or seasoned dancers, and the ultimate couples dance either way. Take a couples dance lesson in Waltz to have some fun with this traditional style. 

At Modern Ballroom Dance Studio in particular, we teach lessons in Viennese Waltz. The beat and music is twice as fast as the English or Slow Waltz that most Americans know as simply Waltz. Viennese Waltz was the original waltz and was the first dance to be performed in closed hold.


Want something a little more laid-back that is easy to follow and accessible across the country? Consider taking a couples dance in Two-Step! This would be a great couples dance lesson for new couples still getting to know each other. Take a lesson with other individuals and have some fun being social while still sharing a date together. Two-Step is one of the most popular country dances in the nation and can be found at most country bars. Live out your real life Footloose dreams with a Two-Step lesson from Modern Ballroom Dance Studio in Woodbridge.


Modern Dance Studio offers Tango lessons in both the Argentine and American styles. This beautiful and expressive dance was developed in the late 19th century in working-class neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, Argentina. In contrast to ballroom tango, Argentine tango uses fluid, rather than staccato, movements. 

American Tango, on the other hand, branched away from its original Argentine roots by allowing European, American, and competitive influences into the style and execution of the dance. 

Both styles share a closed dance position, but the American style allows its practitioners to separate from the closed position to have some fun with other moves, like hand-holds and side-by-side choreography. Either way, the Tango is a great opportunity for couples to let them fun sides come through and show off — for each other and for everyone else.

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Whether you like to keep it close and personal, flirty and fun, or do your own thing, Modern Ballroom Dance Studio in Woodbridge, Virginia has a couples dance lesson for you. Check out any of our class descriptions to decide which one you would like to try with your partner, or feel free to contact us if you can’t decide. And remember: you can always take more than one!

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