Dance Classes & More Fun Activities You Can Do With Your Girlfriends

One of the great realizations that we often come to as adults is how truly difficult it is to find the time to get together with friends. With everyone having such different schedules, it is often a task in and of itself just to find one afternoon during which all of the most important pals are free. In the case that you can find an open slot for all of your girlfriends to gather, however, it is likely that you aren’t sure what activity you should spend your time doing. In this post, we are going to give you a handful of ideas so that the next time this opportunity presents itself, you will be able to plan something fun for everyone to do in no time at all.

Host A Wine Tasting Party

What says “ladies night” more than a good old-fashioned wine tasting? Not only can this help you and all of your closest gal pals to get together and catch up, but you can also practice your sommelier skills. If you really want to kick things up a notch, you can wrap the wine bottles in aluminum foil and try out your hand at a blind tasting. See who really does have the best taste buds of the group by having everyone write down what they taste and which type of wine they suppose they are drinking. Then unwrap the bottles and find out who is the true wine expert out of all of your friends.

Try An Escape Room

Escape rooms have become all the rage in recent years. A simple search for escape room in your city will likely give you a number of different options as to what sort of mystery you and your pals want to solve. Most escape rooms also require that you have a certain number of people, so this is a great opportunity to make your group of lady friends even larger. Encourage your ladies to invite their friends and everyone can bond over putting your brainpower together to find your way to the exit.

Visit A Spa Together

What could be more relaxing than a day at the spa with all of your closest lady friends? Let all of your worries melt away as you fill your entire day with pampering in steam rooms, mud baths, and more. Not only will this give you the chance to spend some quality time with your friends, but it will also give you the break from the real world we know you have been craving.

Take A Salsa Dance Class

Last, but certainly not least, we think the best way to spend time with your closest friends is to take a salsa lesson at your local dance studio. Not only will you all acquire a new skill that you can break out at the next social occasion you are attending, but you will leave with your endorphins at an all-time high. Learning to salsa dance is fun, interactive, and will make you feel incredible in your own skin.

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