what to look for in the perfect ballroom dancing partner

Finding a partner in any aspect of your life can often be a challenging feat. Whether you are searching for a business partner, a romantic partner, or simply a ballroom dancing partner, all require that the person has the same attributes. If it is a ballroom dancing partner you are looking for, however, we can help you to make sure you are looking for the right things. Check out the list below and make sure you can check each quality off your list before you agree to commit to a permanent partner on the dance floor.

They Are Respectful

We listed this first because just as in any other relationship, we think respect is by far the most important aspect. Finding a ballroom dancing partner who respects you will not only make your time together much more enjoyable, but the respect shared between the two of you will also make you more in sync while you are dancing together.

They Have Good Communication Skills

When you are dancing, communication is key. If you are not sure what your partner is trying to accomplish, or even what they are going to do next, this can lead to a lot of frustration and often one or both of you could become injured.

They Are Dedicated

The person you are dancing with needs to be just a dedicated to your practice as you are. It won’t take very long for one of you to become frustrated if only one person is practicing their footwork or showing up at the studio to practice. Both people should be putting in the same amount of effort if you want a dance partnership that will last.

You Have Similar Skill Sets

If your dance partner is a novice and you are proficient, you’ll likely end up living out the plot of Dirty Dancing, without as much success. You need to have a partner who has the same or a similar skill set to you. If you are well-matched, it will show when you are out on the dance floor.

You Can Trust Them

Any important relationship begins with trust. You’re going to need to trust your partner on the dance floor if you want to be successful. Not only is it imperative that your partner can be trusted to have your back and support you properly, but you will want to make sure you can trust them when you aren’t in the dance studio as well. Having a mutually trusting relationship will benefit you greatly once the music starts and you begin dancing.

They Aren’t Critical

Dancing should be an enjoyable time. If your partner is overly critical, we suggest you find a new one as soon as possible. We want people to come to our studio and gain confidence. When you leave, we want you to feel inspired and anxious for the next class. This is not likely going to happen if your partner is scrutinizing you over every little mistake you make.

They Have Good Hygiene

Dancing is done within close quarters, meaning you are going to want a dance partner who can be trusted to take care of themselves. Your partner could be the best dancer in the room, but if they smell like body odor, it’s likely you won’t want them anywhere near you. Cleanliness is a must when you’re dancing.

Your Perfect Dancing Partner May Be Waiting For You

Even if you don’t know who your perfect partner is, chances are you could potentially find them at one of our the classes we offer at the Modern Ballroom Dance Studio. Not only is the dance studio a great place to make new friends, but partnerships are formed all the time as well. Contact us today to learn more about our classes!

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