modernCTA8Thanks for stopping by the new Modern Ballroom Dance Studio website! Our studio is dedicated to helping adults find a passion for dance, opening their minds to the wonders of ballroom dancing.

Our founder, Landra Vallejos, is an award-winning ballroom dance competitor and instructor who has over 15 years in the industry. She understands the ins and outs of ballroom dance, at both a social level and a highly-competitive level. She created Modern Ballroom Dance Studio to be a place where people of all skill-levels could get together and enjoy ballroom dancing. Here’s just part of her vision.

Ballroom Dance Lessons

Our primary interest is in enlightening as many people as possible about the joy that can be experienced from ballroom dancing. Our adult dance classes are a perfect place to visit, whether you’ve never danced a day in your life or if you’ve got years of experience!


ballroom 1Modern Ballroom is so much more than just a ballroom dance studio. We’re also a place for people who love ballroom dance to come together and share their love of dance. That’s why we host events such as themed parties and charity events. We also gather our ballroom dance students and teachers together to head out to events, both local and national, where we can have fun dancing.


Few people start out with the intention of joining a dance competition, but if you love you ballroom dance classes so much and just can’t wait to show off to the world what you can do, you might be a perfect candidate to join us at a dance competition.

Check back often to discover what Modern Ballroom Dance Studio is up to, and how you can join us. Want to know more? Contact us right here.