Even Dance Classes have Etiquette Rules: Here’s How to Avoid Dance Faux Pas

FullSizeRender_1A physical misstep in dance class is to be expected from time to time; after all, we’ve all been students at one time or another. But etiquette missteps are a little harder to recover from. As a beginning dance student, you won’t be expected to be perfect, but being considerate of others and their learning is paramount during the short time that you have together.

Make sure that you’re not stepping on other student’s toes (literally or figuratively) by following these etiquette rules every time you come to class:

  • Dress appropriately – This is for your protection and your ability to perform the dance moves correctly. Wear clothes you can freely move in and shoes that are appropriate for dancing.
  • Be on time – Late arrivals are a distraction for the rest of the class. In the rare instance that you are unavoidably late, enter quietly, wait for the instructor to invite you onto the floor and apologize for your tardiness after class. If you find that you repeatedly have a hard time making the class before it starts, find a class time that works better for you.
  • Put away your cell phone – If you would like to take pictures or video of the routine, make sure to ask the instructor prior to class. Otherwise, leave your phone turned off or in your locker or car where it won’t disrupt the class.
  • Hush up and listen – Just with any class, it is important to keep chit chat to a minimum while in dance lessons. If your instructor is speaking, there is something that you need to know. Pay attention.
  • Stay for the entire class – Leaving early is just another distraction, to both the instructor and the other students. Plan to stay for the entire class period to gain all you can from your dance lessons. If you must leave early, let your instructor know beforehand, keep to the back of the room and exit as quietly as possible.
  • Don’t exit during class – Coming in and out of the door is just plain rude. Unless it is an emergency there really is no need to enter and exit the room.
  • Let advanced students take the front – The front dancers are generally those that know the routine well enough that others can follow. If you are not completely sure of the routine and its steps, take your place further back.
  • Don’t crowd – Nobody likes to be bumped around when trying to learn dance steps. Make sure to give plenty of space to those around you, even if that means that you don’t take your favorite spot in your favorite row. Be conscientious of space.
  • Try your best – Hang in there. Not everybody gets every move or understands every instruction. It’s their attitude that matters. Don’t sit down or leave class because you may feel overwhelmed. Keep working through the steps and you’ll enjoy yourself much more if you understand that nobody is judging you.

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