After years of taking adult dance classes, you’re finally ready to take your skills to the next level by participating in ballroom dance competitions. Congratulations, because you are about to embark on a very rewarding endeavor! Nothing beats that adrenaline rush that you feel as you sway to the beat of the music in front of the spotlight. You know to practice your routine and choreography with your partner as much as possible, but what can you expect in a competition? Today, we’ll discuss what the judges look out for during ballroom dance competitions:


Good posture results in appearing elegant and confident and also helps you balance and control your movements. When you exercise good posture, you connect well with your partner, which is important.


You want for the length and stretch of your entire body to be aligned to enhance the shape of your figure.


You and your partner need to be dancing in time with the music, or else you could lose some serious points.


Remember that line in Dirty Dancing about “spaghetti arms?” The last thing that you want as a dancer is limp arms. You and your partner should have a strong hold on one another and remain in correct body position relative to one another.


The female dance partner should stretch upwards and outwards to the left into the man’s right arm for correct poise. Together, you should both be projecting outward into the audience as well.

Musicality and Expression

You and your partner need to dance in harmony with the cadences of the music. How do you express the tone and the mood of the music? Don’t be afraid to express yourself because it is one of the most joyful elements of ballroom dancing.

Foot And Leg Action

Depending upon the dance that you are performing in your competition, you want to use the correct foot and leg actions. Think about using the inside and outside edges of the feet to create a line and a style.


Two actions are used in order to create a beautiful look and position: turning and swaying. Consider the shapes that you make as you are performing your dance because you want for your shape to be as elegant as possible.


When dance coupes are filled with energy, their performance can be truly exhilarating to watch. However, you want your energy and movements to be controlled enough so that your performance looks cohesive.


The way that you and your partner move together is a huge part of your performance. When partners move in perfect rhythm, their performance appears to be effortless. When a couple dances perfectly in synch together, they truly wow the audience and the judges.

Lead And Follow

The man must lead with his entire body, and the female partner must easily follow his lead. Avoid leading with just your arms for the best results.

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