Now that we are well into spring, the temperatures are rising. Winter tends to be a more sedentary season for many individuals as we stay inside layered in pants, long-sleeved shirts, sweaters, and more. However, as the temperatures rise, we begin to shed our layers. We trade in our long sleeved shirts for short sleeves or even tank tops, and our legs are exposed for the first time in shorts and skirts. Some of us may be taking a vacation this spring or summer that involves wearing a bathing suit at some point. As we wear less clothing, we become more aware of the state of our bodies. Would you like to tighten up your body and ramp up your physical fitness level? You could try running or enduring one of those horrible fitness boot camps, but we would like to offer you an even more fun alternative. You could burn just as many calories as jogging and tone your muscles by partaking in a ballroom dance lesson. Here are some of the fitness benefits of ballroom dancing:


Endurance refers to the ability of your muscles to work for increasingly longer periods of time without feeling fatigued. Ballroom dancing builds up your endurance levels so that you can easily dance through an entire song. Every time that you work with your dance partner on your quick steps, lifts, twists, and turns, you build your endurance. Although you could build your endurance by running, many people find running boring and would rather be doing anything else. When you take adult dance classes, you can build your endurance in a fun way while making friends and learning some killer dance moves.


As you spend more time with your partner on the dance floor, you will not only build your endurance, but you will build your strength as well. Ballroom dancing forces a dancer’s muscles to resist against their own body weight, which results in the buildup of strength. Male dancers often find that they build up their muscle strength when they lift their partners high above their heads. Women build their strength as well by spinning, strutting, and making quick turns. Doesn’t this sound like more fun than spending time in the weight room listening to fellow gym goers grunt?


In the world of physical fitness, flexibility is often overlooked, but it helps us perform our everyday activities with ease. Staying flexible helps to prevent your body from losing its mobility. Often, ballroom dancing classes begin with some stretching exercises to protect your body against injury and to prepare your body to perform certain dance steps. As you begin performing these dance steps, you will find that your flexibility increases over time. Certain dance moves require quite a bit of stretching and bending in order to be properly executed.

If you hate spending time in the gym and would rather do anything else besides go running, check out our ballroom dance lessons in Woodbridge. Ballroom dancing is a fun, uplifting activity that builds your endurance, strength, and flexibility in a group atmosphere. Contact the Modern Ballroom Dance Studio today for more information.