After taking ballroom dance classes for quite awhile, you’ve decided to enter the world of competitive ballroom dance. Congratulations on your new adventure! Ballroom dance competitions are truly exciting, exhilarating events filled with emotional highs and lows. You’ve worked very hard to achieve this level of dance expertise, so you need to be as prepared as possible for your upcoming competition. Our ballroom dance studio has provided a checklist to make sure that you have everything that you need for your next competition:

Dance Clothing

Make sure to bring all of your dance clothes, and this includes a broken-in pair of shoes as well as an extra pair for emergencies.

Dance Accessories

Make sure to bring a towel for wiping off sweat as well as safety pins to fix any last-minute wardrobe malfunctions. Bring a water bottle, a dance shoe brush, and a pen and paper to take any notes that you might need.

Other Clothes

You will not be wearing your competition clothes for the entirety of your trip, so bring some comfortable clothes for travel as well as some casual clothing to wear in your downtime. Ballrooms are often on the chillier side, so make sure to bring a sweater, hoodie, or shawl to wear when you’re not dancing.


You will need a pair of dark socks to wear during your competition as well as a belt, dance jacket, tie, shirt, and pants. You will need to bring your dance shoes as well as hair spray. Make sure to bring a dark pair of underwear just in case you experience an unfortunate rip in your pants during the competition. If you are wearing patent leather shoes, be sure to bring some petroleum jelly to make them look as shiny as possible. Remember, ballroom dance clothes are all about drama, flair, and sparkle.


First of all, you will need your competition dress or dresses. You may need to bring panty hose or fishnet stockings to accompany your dress as well. Ladies, to avoid any embarrassment, we recommend bringing a couple of pairs of dance trunks to properly cover your hind end as you perform your spins and twirls.You will also need to bring your dance shoes as well as any jewelry that you would like to wear during the competition.


Ladies, when you wear makeup for a ballroom dance competition, you want to look like a classy showgirl. You need to wear more makeup than you would wear during the day because you want for the judges to notice you, so glam yourself up! Make sure that your makeup kit includes fake eyelashes, foundation, blush, powder, eye liner, eye shadow, and mascara.


Bring a ton of bobby pins as well as hairspray and gel to keep your hair in place through all your spins, twirls, and dips.

If you are competing in ballroom dance, then you need a great instructor. Contact our ballroom dance studio in Woodbridge for the best ballroom dance lessons available.