In our last blog, we talked about all of the physical advantages of taking ballroom dance lessons. These included weight loss (it’s quite the exercise), improving strength (you’re using a lot of muscles), and better coordination (allowing you to respond more quickly to unexpected physical situations). These benefits are fairly obvious, since ballroom dancing is such a physical activity.

There are also advantages most people would never think of: taking ballroom dance lessons can also give you better mental health. How’s that?

Social Interactions

Ballroom dance lessons get you involved in a community, and people who are involved tend to be happier and live longer. Our adult dance classes will have you meeting new people of all ages, talking about common interests, and absorbing new knowledge as a team. You’ll also be physically interacting with people during dances, which helps our emotional state as social creatures.

Memorizing Steps

While ballroom dancing can be free-form, it’s often about learning steps. When you memorize your steps, you’re exercising your brain. And when your start doing the steps without having to think about them, your brain and your body are speaking to each other in ways that you might never have imagined.


ballroom 3Ballroom dance lessons can be a wonderful confidence booster. Finally perfecting the routine you’ve worked so hard on, coupled with the exercise, can release a huge amount of endorphins into your system. You’ll feel great and your confidence will be boosted!

Ballroom dancing seems so physical, but there’s an equally wonderful mental aspect to it as well. If you’re ready to get started, contact Modern Ballroom Dance Studio today!