We engage in a number of different activities every single day. These include sitting, walking, running and more, but none of these activities work to exercise the same muscle groups you use when you are in a dance class. In order for dancers to perform safely and effectively, they must receive as much proper training as possible. One of the most important aspects of training as a dancer is to increase your strength and flexibility. This requires more than just dancing, however. A proper workout is needed if you truly want to prepare your body for dance class or even just dancing recreationally. In this post, we are going to talk more about why strength and flexibility are so important for dancers whether they are professionals or not.

How Can Strength & Flexibility Training Be Helpful to a Dancer?

When a dancer performs steps and moves in the dance studio, muscle strengthening is what allows them to do so without discomfort and with flawless precision. Having stronger muscles also will reduce the risk of falls and injury as the proper training will help to build stamina and endurance.

Training in flexibility will also help to improve a dancer’s posture not only when they are dancing but in their daily life. Additionally, increased flexibility also will assist the dancer in performing more intricate twists and turns. Making your range of movement wider will open a door to dance moves you didn’t even think you could perform. Many dancers choose to participate in yoga and/or Pilates in order to gain more flexibility.

How Often Should a Dancer Go Through This Training?

While there is no set amount of time that is recommended, each training session should last anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes at the very least. For those who are training for the very first time, it is smart for them to start with a limited number of repetitions and work your way up from there.

Which Muscle Groups Should Be Trained?

You are probably already familiar with how many of your muscles are used while you are dancing. Due to this, it is important that you try and work all groups of muscles while you are training. Specifically, we would suggest you focus on the back, legs, arms, thighs, chest, abdomen, and shoulders throughout the week. Whatever you do, though, don’t go overboard and injure yourself.

How to Increase Your Strength and Flexibility

There are a number of different ways you can increase strength and flexibility if you want to become the best dancer possible. On the other hand, there are certain methods of training that are more beneficial and proven to work for someone who is specifically conditioning their muscles for dancing purposes.

Step #1: Warm Up

Your training should always begin with a dynamic and static warm up. Not only does this improve blood flow to your muscles but it will also heighten your overall performance and give you more endurance. You can start your stretches with a variety of them including things like leg swings, bottom kicks, toe walks, and heel walks.

Step #2: HIIT Workouts

High-intensity interval training workouts, also known as HIIT, are workouts that have you perform as best you can for about 20 seconds and then give you 10 seconds to recover before the next interval. Go through this workout eight times and you’re done for the day. People love HIIT workouts because they take up a minimal amount of time and offer the ultimate workout.

Remember, however, that you have to exercise as hard as you possibly can without breaking yourself. This type of exercise is especially great for dancers because it prepares them for future performances.

Refine Your Dancing Skills

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