Safety Tips For Our Adult Dance Classes in Woodbridge

Dancing your heart out generally results in a great time. Even those who visit Modern Ballroom Dance Studio with no previous dancing experience, or no interest in dancing, end up having a surprisingly fun evening. We love when our students are pleasantly surprised!

Enjoying Our Adult Dance Classes For Years To Come

While our dance classes for adults are no doubt an enjoyable learning experience, your time can go from incredible to horrific in the event that you accidentally injure yourself. Being a seasoned dance studio in Woodbridge, our experienced instructors have, unfortunately, witnessed their fair share of accidents. These types of things happen, but more often than not, they’re entirely preventable.

We’ve actually touched on some safe dancing tips in a previous blog post, which included the following main points:

  • Wear appropriate clothing and footwear
  • Stay hydrated and eat beforehand
  • Warm up and stretch beforehand
  • Pay attention to our friendly instructors!

All of these points are great, but dancing safely doesn’t stop there. Read below for a few more takeaways from our adult dance instructors in Woodbridge.

Don’t Attempt Advanced Dance Techniques As A Novice

We do encourage our patrons to get outside of their comfort zone and try out new moves — after all, it’s a learning experience! However, diving in too far too fast may result in a twisted ankle, fractured hip, or worse. Ease into the dance, and if you’re ever uncomfortable about something, please let one of our teachers know.

Go Easy On The “Fun Juice”

It’s true that we also encourage people to bring a little bit of their own alcohol to our dance classes. It’s a great way to relieve an anxiety or self-conscience in regard to dancing, as well as to meet other people. However, drinking too much too fast won’t just leave you clumsy and uncoordinated; you might hurt yourself by being a little overzealous and attempting something that you shouldn’t.

Really, the above two pieces of advice go hand-in-hand.

Communicate Any Pre Existing Problems Or Injuries With Our Instructors

Certain styles of dance may exacerbate any issues with your body, so don’t hesitate to disclose this information to your teacher. Not only will this help you avoid another unnecessary injury or worsen your current condition, but it will allow the opportunity for your instructor to modify a certain technique to account for your limited movement. It’s a win/win!

Don’t Be Afraid To Sit Down And Watch Others

This one is more of a general dance class protip, but take it from us when we say that there’s nothing wrong with passively watching others dance on the sidelines. Not only can you learn more than you otherwise would if you were participating, but it can help you understand what not to do before you get moving once again. That’s another double whammy.

Dance The Night Away With Us!

Thank you for stopping by our blog, readers — feel free to check out what’s coming up next on our calendar, scope our programs, or get in touch with our adult dance class studio in Woodbridge.

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