popular dances in the last century

We live in a fast-paced world where it seems things are constantly changing. Dance is no exception. Over past centuries, dancing has changed, with new dances being introduced frequently and becoming all the rage. When you attend our dance classes at the Modern Ballroom Dance Studio, you will begin to understand the sheer volume of dances that are available for you to learn. You may also find yourself curious about where each of these dances began and how they led to the coming dance trend. Below you can uncover the answers to these questions and more. Let’s take a look at the most popular dances that have come to fruition over the last 100 years.

The 1920s – Swing Dancing

You may not know this but social dance was one of the main high points of the 1920s. More specifically, swing dancing became extremely prevalent in the second part of the decade. Big Band music became all the rage, bringing touching back onto the dance floor. This was far more social than dance had been in quite a while, making it extremely appealing to those who wanted to break away from the norm.

The 1930s – Moonwalk

While you may have thought that Michael Jackson invented the Moonwalk, we would urge you to think again. While it was called “The Buzz” in the 1930s, the Moonwalk was first stepped by an incredible famous Jazz icon, Cab Calloway.

The 1940s – East Coast Swing & Mambo

Dance was incredibly popular in the 1940s, with many different types of dances popping up all over the place. Coming out of the Great Depression and quickly catapulted into World War I, people everywhere were looking for an escape from the stresses of their everyday lives. First, the Mambo reached America after being invented in Cuba. Additionally, the East Coast Swing also became extremely popular, which would eventually lead to a number of dances we will cover in this post like the Jive and the Boogie Woogie.

The 1950s – Hand Jive & Cha Cha

If you have ever seen the movie, Grease, you probably are very familiar with what the Hand Jive is. When the mid-century came about, people didn’t want to just dance with their feet, they wanted to dance with their hands as well. The Rumba and the Mumba then came together to make a new dance known as the Cha Cha. This was truly the decade when things sped up on the dance floor.

The 1960s – Locking and Popping

Things took a turn in the 1960s and people began to be far more creative on the dance floor. While swing dancing was still prevalent, different types of dancing like Popping, Locking, and Detroit Ballroom became especially popular. This is also the decade that the Robot emerged as a dancing style as well.

The 1970s – Disco & Salsa

When it comes to the 1970s, Disco was, of course, all the rage. People were finding new and interesting ways to move their bodies to the hits, turning dance into a much more expressive act than it had been in decades past. People not only disco danced, but they also partook in other dances like the Chicago Step and Salsa dancing as well.

The 1980s – Rock and Roll

When rock and roll music became popular, the style of dance matched the style of this music. People shook and shimmied, and rocked their bodies back and forth. Additionally, pop songs introduced new dance moves like Voguing.

The 1990s – Zumba

Staying fit became more and more important the closer we inched towards the millennium. Therefore, people were looking for ways to get fit that were also enjoyable. This is where Zumba originated from. This type of dance class was developed by a Colombian dancer and choreographer, and it gained popularity in gyms and households all over the United States.

The 2000s – Krumping

Hip-hop infiltrated dance more and more in the 2000s. Krumping was one of the most common types of dance that became prevalent. Beginning as a Los Angeles street dance, high energy combines with jolting body movements changed the entire meaning of dance that had been known up until this point.

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