How An Adult Dance Class Can Help You Stay In Good Shape

As much as we try to eat healthily, get a good amount of sleep, drink plenty of water, and get some routine exercise in on a daily basis, it’s not always easy to stay in decent shape. Even if you’re not on a quest to get fit and build the perfect body, it’s important to focus on your health so that you can get the most fulfillment out of life. Being healthy and staying active just feels good, and this is especially the case as you begin to age.

To what we imagine isn’t much of a surprise (given that you’re here on our blog), dancing is actually a great way to support your physical and mental health. In fact, taking one of our adult dance classes in Woodbridge can actually result in a number of benefits that we’re sure you’ll love. The best part? You don’t have to try yourself to the gym and hop on a treadmill to do it.

You Won’t Regret Visiting Our Ballroom Dance Studio In Woodbridge

If you haven’t made the plunge into the fun and exciting world of ballroom dancing, we encourage you to do so! Whether you’re dusting off your dance moves for a wedding, you’d like to learn a specific dance move, or you’re just here for the social experience, Modern Ballroom Dance Studio can help you get in better shape (and have a great time in the process!).

Feel free to contact our friendly dance instructors if you have any questions, or read below to learn more about some of the health-boosting aspects of dancing.

Dancing Improves Your Flexibility

Can’t touch your toes? Don’t sweat it, because you’ll eventually be able to without any problems! Stretching before and after our adult dance classes in Woodbridge is an important part of the dance experience. Doing so certainly helps encourage your muscles to be more flexible, but it’s also an effective way to prevent any injuries from occurring.

Increased flexibility also means that you’ll enjoy an increased range of motion and the ability to nail down more advanced dance moves.

Dancing Improves Your Cardiovascular Health

This benefit is practically implied, but it’s also very important. Nothing feels better than having a lower resting heart rate and being able to climb multiple flights of stairs without needing to catch your breath.

Dancing Boosts Your Memory

When you start learning from one of our dance instructors, you’ll quickly notice that dancing isn’t just a series of random, uncoordinated movements. Like any other class where a teacher is instructing a pupil, you want to pay close attention to the sequences of the dance they’re teaching you. Sure, simple dances are easy to follow and don’t require memorizing a complex, multi-step process, but you’ll find that your memory will become more and more challenged as you begin to learn to tackle more advanced techniques.

Remember, this is all in due time! Don’t throw yourself into a dance class expecting to be a master. You’re here to learn, after all.

Dancing Helps You Burn Calories And Lose Weight

It’s true. Yes, it’s also true that just about any type of vigorous movement or cardiovascular exercise is going to help you burn fat and ultimately lose weight, but why not have a little more fun during the experience? There are many studies out there that suggest spirited dancing is a useful way not only to improve your body composition, but also your aerobic strength. Don’t be surprised if you naturally start improving your diet and making other health-positive adjustments in your day-to-day life.

Dancing Strengthens Your Muscles And Bones

Taking an adult dance class is a great form of aerobic exercise, but it’ll help you more than just prepare for an upcoming 5k. The increased level of physical activity that comes from dancing — and the inherent utilization of your body’s arm and leg muscles — means that your bones and muscles will naturally strengthen over time. You may not notice any immediate strength gains in these areas, but once you’re on a first name basis with your fellow classmates, you might be surprised at your renewed sense of strength.

Dancing Can Stave Off A Number Of Diseases

Though genetics, diet, and lifestyle/activity ultimately define your likelihood of developing a particular disease, you may as well have fun controlling the activity aspect. You don’t have control of your genetics (as of yet — we’ll see where modern science takes us!), but you always have control of what you put inside of your body and how you move it.

It’s well known that regularly dancing can help prevent illnesses and diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and even reduce your risk of developing osteoporosis later in life.

Dancing Improves Your Balance

Your ability to balance may not help you get “fit,” per se, but having a strong center of gravity is never a bad thing. Imagine that you’re on a hike out in nature, climbing from rock to rock. You take one wrong step and begin to slip. With a significantly improved sense of balance, you may be able to better recover in situations like that.

Dance Your Way To Better Health With Us!

Take the plunge and learn something new, all while making new friends and investing in good future health. Oh, did we mention that you’ll have a great time in the process? It doesn’t get much better than that. Get started with our new student special today.

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