The holidays have just ended and you finally have some time to relax and get back to your normal routine. For most people, the month of January is just one big blur. And, before you know it, it’s February and everyone is talking about Valentine’s day. If you want to get ahead of the game and plan something other than the usual, boring dinner and a movie, Modern Ballroom Dance Studio in Woodbridge is here to help. This year, plan something different. Whether you decide to take dance classes with your significant other or explore new parts of the city, read our five fun ideas and then go out and make some memories! 

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Go Exploring

Whether you’re new to your city or you’ve lived in the same place since birth, there’s bound to be some places that you’ve never visited before. It’s amazing how many places you can find right in your own backyard when you look at a familiar place as though you were a tourist. You likely have heard about many of the natural areas and historic sites, and chances are, you’ve probably visited a few of them. But, have you been to all of them? 

Check out your city’s Facebook page, or look them up on TripAdvisor. There’s a good chance you’ll find places that you had forgotten about or never even knew existed. Once you’ve made a list of places to go, plan your special Valentine’s Day around visiting them, making sure to include a stop for lunch at an interesting little cafe or restaurant you’ve always wanted to try. You’ll be surprised at just how much fun you can have exploring your town when you look at it from a different perspective.

Have a Cooking Competition

Who doesn’t love watching those cooking shows on T.V. where people have to create a complete meal in 30 minutes with nothing more than what’s in the basket? Why not have a little cooking competition of your own this Valentine’s? Don’t worry if your cooking skills are subpar, this is more about having fun together than trying to create a perfect gourmet meal.  

How you set up your competition is up to you. It could be as easy as having each person create a dish using only the ingredients currently in your cupboard, or you could buy strange and unusual ingredients to create a “basket” which must be used for creating the meal. Either way, you and your significant other are sure to have hours of fun, and you might even have a great meal to share when it’s over. Just be sure to have an extra frozen pizza handy in case your competition dishes don’t turn out so well.

Get Dressed Up

When was the last time you and your partner got dressed to the nines and went out for a night on the town? If you only wear a suit or dress for weddings and funerals, it’s time to dust off your best garb and get ready for Valentine’s Day. Of course, you don’t want to be all dressed up with no place to go. While it might take a little bit more planning, consider getting tickets to a show — and no, we’re not talking about putting on a tuxedo to go see the new Star Wars movie. Why not go to something special like the ballet or a theater production? 

Whether you’ve been with your significant other for just a few weeks or for many years, getting dressed up for a night on the town is a great way to add some excitement and turn an ordinary date into something really special.  

Go Camping…At Home

Nothing brings two people together like having to “rough it” in the wild and sleeping in a cozy tent. Unfortunately, February isn’t the best time of year to plan an overnight camping trip. But you don’t have to wait until warmer weather arrives to enjoy your next camping trip — why not try indoor camping this Valentine’s Day! 

First, you can start by setting up camp in whichever room you have the most space. You might not have enough room to set up your tent, but you can have fun by creating your own cozy tent using a variety of pillows, blankets, and furniture. Once you have your tent, you’re ready to enjoy all of the things you love about camping — sharing stories, turning off your cell phone, and enjoying smores!  To make sure you don’t burn down the house, we recommend just using small tealight candles to roast your marshmallows. Who says you can’t enjoy camping in February?

Take Dance Classes Together

Making a memory happens when you try new things together. This year, why not surprise your Valentine with dance classes? Make sure the dance classes are for the both of you, otherwise this idea might backfire on you. 

While some people may not be comfortable with the idea of taking instruction from a professional dancer, the shared experience can bring the two of you together as you help each other learn and laugh at your mistakes. In the end, you may not be a dancing expert, but you’ll have made plenty of memories to share for years to come. And who knows? Many people find that they have such a great time that they decide to keep taking lessons. And, next year for Valentine’s Day, the two of you might decide to wow people with your new dancing skills at a local club.  

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If taking dancing lessons sounds like a great way to spend time with your date on Valentine’s Day, contact Modern Ballroom Dance Studio in Woodbridge. We offer lessons in a wide variety of dance types from Salsa and Cha Cha to Viennese Waltz and Country Two-Step. Check out our class descriptions page to learn more. Do you have questions about taking dance classes or want to stop by our studio? Visit our contact page for more information.