Creating The Perfect First Dance For Your Wedding Day

If you are recently engaged and you have been checking our blog recently, you are probably already imagining what your perfect first dance will be like on your wedding day. In your mind, it is likely that you will be wearing your dream wedding dress as you soulmate twirls you around the dance floor in front of all the people you love. Maybe there is even a spotlight, or fog rolling across the dance floor in your imagined version of this event. Whatever your vision is, we think it is probably safe to say that everything needs to be perfect. Lucky for you, when you take dance classes at the right studio, you can make sure that is the case. If you want to know how to make your dream into a reality on the dance floor, continue reading below. We have all of the secrets at the Modern Ballroom Dance Studio.

Will Your Wedding Be Timeless or Trendy?

While every bride may not have a clue about the minor details of her wedding day, she certainly has a grand sense of what she wants. For instance, some brides have envisioned a more traditional type of wedding whereas others want something completely hip and original. For the bride who wants to go the timeless route, it is likely that a ballroom dance or just a typical slow dance will suffice. On the other hand, if you want something a bit more unique, you may be considering having a choreographed dance with your spouse, or something a bit more fun if it exemplifies more about who you and your partner are as a couple. In the end, your first dance should show your family and friends more about who you are as a couple, rather than who you are separately.

Picking The Perfect Song

Once you know what sort of style you are wanting your dance to be, the next step is to find the perfect song to show off your dance moves. We would suggest that you listen to several songs with your future spouse and decide on one together. If you are using a song that you both love, it will be obvious when you hit the dance floor.

Knowing The Type Of Dance You Want To Do

Now the pieces of your first dance are really starting to come together. The last decision you have to make is what sort of dance you would like to do. Once your style and song have been chosen, you will likely be left with only a handful of choices for you and your fiance to pick from. Some of the most common dances that couples will have as their first dance include the Waltz, Salsa, Swing, Rumba, and Foxtrot.

It’s Time To Get On Your Feet

There is simply no way to have the perfect first dance at your wedding without the help of taking dance lessons beforehand. When you decide to do so, you might be afraid that you are not experienced enough to take classes alongside other dancers. This, however, is not the case. Everyone begins dance lessons with a different skill level. In order to improve, you simply have to show up…with your sweetheart, of course.

Take Lessons at the Modern Ballroom Dance Studio

If you live in the Woodbridge area and you are getting married this spring, summer, or fall, it’s time to call the Modern Ballroom Dance Studio. We can help make your dreams of your first dance as a married couple everything you have ever imagined it would be and more. Contact us today to learn about the openings we currently have!

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