Adult Dance Classes - A Resolution That You’ll Stick To

With another New Year comes the promise of a fresh start. It’s 2019; it’s a brand new calendar year, and it’s finally time to let go of 2018 and any of the negatives in your life associated with the year. How great is it that an arbitrary date allows us the opportunity to give life a bit of a do-over?

If you’re like the majority of Americans, then you’re motivated and ready to act on these healthy, positive changes to your life. After putting on a little holiday weight brought on by generous servings of delicious, homemade food served with a side of no exercise, it’s time to go back to the drawing board and use the next several months to prepare for swimsuit season. But where do you start?

Try Something Different This Year — Give One Of Our Dance Classes A Try!

Like most folks, your natural inclination is to find a local gym in the area, capitalize on their new member special, and hit the treadmill as soon as possible. It’s no secret that gyms experience peak levels of business in the post-holiday “I feel guilty” season, so maybe it’s worth thinking twice about signing up for that attractive gym membership. Indeed, perhaps it’s finally time to try something completely new, all while physically exercising and holding yourself accountable toward your fitness goals.

Whether or not you saw it coming, our follow-up statement remains the same: it’s time to check out one of our exciting adult dance classes in Woodbridge! Though many people quickly and unfairly tend to dismiss dance classes as an illegitimate form of exercise, the truth is that dancing truly can be a great way to burn hundreds of calories and strengthen various muscles throughout your body.

Be A Part Of Something Special This Year. Join Us!

At Modern Ballroom Dance Studio, our goal is to help spread the word — and the sheer joy — of dancing to the greater Woodbridge community. We offer a variety of dance programs from social dance to dance classes for weddings, competitive dance for experienced individuals, and many specific dance classes designed to master moves that you’d only dream of learning. Our passion is expressed through movement, and we’d like to share the gift of dancing with you in 2019!

Still not convinced? Is the thought of an overcrowded gym still somehow winning you over? Here are a few great reasons to dance your way to a happier, healthier life this year.

It’s Something Different

Much of the appeal in dancing is in the sheer novelty of the experience, at least for those with little to no experience. You’re going to burn calories in a similar way as you would with a treadmill (albeit with arguably reduced efficiency) when you vigorously dance, but you’re also going to have a fun time learning. What good can you report from jogging for twenty minutes on a treadmill? There’s really nothing to write home about a steadily moving belt below your feet, but telling your mom that you’ve really begun to nail the Viennese Waltz (with the Argentine Tango coming down the pipeline!) is certainly worth having a conversation over.

It’s A Great Workout

We wouldn’t be writing about the value of dancing as a legitimate form of exercise if we didn’t believe it. WebMD agrees with us, and more authoritative scientific sources also posit dancing as an effective way to exercise.

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It’s Low Impact (Compared To Running Or Jogging)

Countless Americans put their fitness aspirations to the side due to issues with their joints, knees, tendons, shins, and other areas of the body negatively affected by the impact of pounding the ground. While your feet will routinely make contact with the ground pivoting from one position to another, dancing objectively incorporates lower levels of impact compared to running or jogging.

It’s More Approachable Than Most People Think

There are, unfortunately, a number of misconceptions surrounding dance. Macho-driven men may think that the act of dancing is too feminine, or weight-conscious women might think that you need to be extremely skinny to excel as a dancer. The truth is that neither of these perceptions of dancing is true, along with many other popular misconceptions.

Our beginner adult dance classes in Woodbridge make it easy to (literally) get your foot in the door, and it doesn’t matter how coordinated you are or how much balance you possess. Everyone starts somewhere, and our friendly dance instructors are always ready to welcome beginners.

It’s Community-Driven

Unlike the gym — where most members spend their time avoiding social contact with the help of earbuds or headphones — our ballroom dance studio in Woodbridge encourages our students to get to know one another. Over time, as you improve and begin to pick up on a particular dance move, you’ll bond with the people around you and maybe even form a lifelong friend or two. Heck, maybe you’ll even meet your future significant other. You’ll never know if you don’t take the plunge!

Take An Adult Dance Class In Woodbridge With Us Today!

Don’t spend 2019 at the gym wondering what one of our dance classes are like. Give it a shot! Learn more about our New Student Special by getting in touch with Modern Ballroom Dance Studio today.

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