It was a long winter here in Virginia, and if you’re anything like the majority of people, you likely let yourself slip a little bit where your physical fitness is concerned. If you are ready to get serious about being active again, you might be considering joining a new gym. However, we wouldn’t recommend it. While gyms do offer a traditional method of getting fit, your options go far beyond lifting weights and running on a treadmill. Additionally, attending a gym just isn’t right for everyone. If you want to shed some pounds and improve your health but you are not a big fan of the idea of joining a gym, we might have an alternative for you. Dance classes could be the physical activity you have been searching for. Continue reading below to learn why joining a dance class is a better choice than joining a gym.

You’re Going To Get A Great Workout Anyway

While some people think that dance classes are just fun and games, dancing is actually an extremely strenuous workout, especially when you are new to it. However, not only will you be moving your body and raising your heart rate, but you will be doing so while expressing joy and emotion. There are many activities that claim to be one thing and end up being another, but with dancing, you are doing something you love and enjoy, while you happen to be getting exercise at the same time.

You Will Build A Sense Of Family & Community

When you go to the gym, you are most likely putting in your headphones and ignoring every person you pass by or workout next to on the Elliptical. Dance classes are nothing like this. Not only do you have the pull of going to class so that you can participate in an activity you love, but you also have the added bonus of knowing you get to see people who you have been dancing with in past classes. From the students to the instructors, dance classes form their own kind of community that allows for the people that are a part of them to enjoy their time in the studio even more.

The Dance Studio Isn’t Crowded The Same Way The Gym Is

We all have busy schedules, which makes the gym a literal zoo at the times everyone has free. Before work, after work, on your lunch break, it’s impossible to have your own space when you are visiting a gym during peak hours. Much of the time this leads to you having to wait around to use certain equipment which is truly the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish at the gym. When you come to the dance studio, your feet start moving as soon as you walk through the door and do not stop until the class is over. This way you can get your exercise in on your schedule and not on the schedule of everyone else who has a gym membership.

Working Out Is A Drag

We’re not afraid to say it: working out is beyond boring. While it might be good for you, you are likely doing everything you can to distract yourself from the exhaustion you are experiencing throughout each individual exercise. When you are dancing, however, you are having fun. In fact, the majority of our students can’t believe the class is ending when time is up because they are enjoying themselves so much while on the dance floor.

Are You Ready To Say ‘Goodbye’ To The Gym Once & For All?

If you are ready to ditch the gym for good and get moving at a dance studio, contact Modern Ballroom Dance Studio today. We would be happy to answer questions you may have about the classes we offer and which ones we would recommend for you. Call us right now to learn more!

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