Telling someone that you know “Hey, you got this — I believe in you!” can go a long way in providing a positive impact. Conversely, breaking them down with nasty and unwarranted discouragement can also make you look bad while cutting down their self-esteem. It’s a two-way street.

Among the many things in life that are directly affected by your attitude and the attitude of others, summoning the courage and inner-confidence to dance certainly relies on a strong sense of self. That’s why we constantly work hard to lift each other up.

Our Approach To Encouragement and Empowerment At Our Woodbridge Dance Studio

To achieve our best performance, sometimes it takes a complete relinquishing of our irrational, self-conscious mindset. Here at Modern Ballroom Dance Studio in Woodbridge, VA, we fully embrace the power of a positive attitude, and we routinely put it into practice in all of our dance lessons. We do our very best to empower our students with confidence so that they’re not overthinking any of their rehearsed (or recently learned) moves.

Below, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best (in our opinion) encouraging statements that we like to say to our students when it’s time to dance at a social event or before their turn at a dance competition.

Some Of Favorite Encouraging Statements

“Rock It”

It’s hard to get more straightforward than this simple two-word saying: just get out there and rock it. Maybe this is a bit of a stretch, but rocks are solid, and so we’re implying that their performance is going to be just as solidly airtight. Cheesy? Maybe, but it if results in a confident, intentional and focused student, then we’re all about it.

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“You Got This”

We frequently encounter students and performers who express visible signs of doubt, anxiety, and uncertainty before it’s their time to dance. Of course, this is normal when it comes to generalized performance anxiety, but these situations often need a boost of positive energy in the form of the ever-reassuring “you got this.”

“Let’s Go”

This is another simple but incredibly effective saying that’s designed to lit up the energy in our students before they hit the middle of the ballroom floor. It’s particularly effective when they’re already clearly excited about their routine, and saying something as simple as “let’s go” really acts as a catalyst that sets their excitement on fire. It’s fun!

“Break a Leg”

This is one of the most classic good luck sayings in history. Though it primarily pertains to the theatre industry, it’s more of a colloquial saying that people commonly use to say, “I wish you all the best out there, go get it!” It’s an interesting case of reverse rhetoric, being that plainly saying “good luck” to a performer before they hit the stage is, in fact, viewed as bad luck.

Smile With Us At Our Woodbridge Ballroom Dance Studio

We’re here to help develop your dancing skills, and hey, we’re doing a great job if we’re also building up your self-esteem and self-confidence. Want to learn more about our adult dance classes? Get in touch with Modern Ballroom Dance Studio today!

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