If you haven’t experienced the joy of modern ballroom dancing, then you’re missing out on a truly fun adventure. We’ve watched some of our beloved clients come out of their shells and experience a marvelous transformation while breaking a sweat. Like different languages, different types of ballroom dance speak to people differently. Some might enjoy the sensual movements of the tango, while others might prefer to dance their hearts out to the cha cha. With the variety of different movements and choreography available, there’s truly something for everyone in the ballroom dance sector. Ballroom dancing is more than just exercise; it’s a creative activity. Today, we would like to explore the benefits of engaging in creative activity, which certainly includes ballroom dance:

Improve Memory

Not only is ballroom dancing a creative activity, but it’s also a form of socialization, and both activities are good for the brain. A recent neurology study confirmed that engaging in creative activities helps stave off dementia and preserve your mind. In fact, both middle-aged and elderly people who regularly engaged in creative activity were 73 percent less likely to encounter mild cognitive impairment and memory problems. Clearly, performing creative activities works wonders for your brain health. When combined with socializing, you are benefiting even more because you are spending time with others rather than isolating yourself.

Stress Relief

Creative activity is a great outlet for releasing stress, particularly ballroom dance. It’s far too common for people’s lives to revolve around work, which leads to high stress levels. When the work day is over, head over to the Modern Ballroom Dance Studio and forget about your workday, at least for a little while.

Although creative activity on its own is great for relieving stress, ballroom dancing is even better because it provides great cardiovascular exercise. By now, we are all aware of the health benefits of regular cardiovascular exercise, which includes improved heart rate, better sleep, and improved overall health. Unlike exercising on a health club machine listening to the grunts of the muscle heads surrounding you, ballroom dancing is loads of fun. When you actually enjoy your exercise, you are more likely to consistently work out.

Improves Your Mood

Perhaps on your way to the studio, you got stuck in traffic and someone yelled at you and even shot you the finger. Understandably, you arrive at the ballroom dance studio feeling flustered, angry, and anxious, wishing that you got in the last word during your roadside battle. However, once the music begins, you find yourself relaxing. You’re surrounded by like-minded people in an encouraging atmosphere. You may make mistakes in learning choreography, but your classmates and instructors are cheering you on. Soon, you’ll be laughing, smiling, and moving to the beat, forgetting the drama of the outer world. You are sure to exit the studio feeling much happier than when you entered it earlier.

Tap into your creative flow while having a blast by taking classes at our ballroom dance studio in Woodbridge. Contact the Modern Ballroom Dance Studio today to sign up for our adult dance classes.