1. Bob Fosse in the Ballroom Dance Studio

    When you think of musicals, do you envision cheesy, wholesome song and dance routines devoid of any innuendo? If this is the case, you probably haven’t seen a Bob Fosse musical. One of the most famous American choreographers in history, Fosse is best known for his work in Cabaret, Chicago, and Damn Yankees. Fosse himself wasn’t considered a wholesome character, as he loved to partake in drinki…Read More

  2. Paula Abdul in the Ballroom Dance Studio

    In more recent times, Paula Abdul is mostly famous for her run as a kind-hearted judge alongside Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson on the hit reality show, American Idol. However, Abdul was a famous singer and dancer in the eighties and nineties.  Not only is she a talented dancer, but she’s a gifted choreographer as well. Let’s dive deeper into her dance background. High School Growing up in th…Read More

  3. Rita Hayworth: As Talented In The Dance Studio As On The Silver Screen

    In a previous blog, we discussed the famed dance partnership between Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Despite their excellent chemistry on the dance floor, the two didn’t particularly take to one another personally. Simply a business partnership, Rogers and Astaire never developed a friendship or affinity for each other. Once Rogers and Astaire stopped dancing together in movies, Fred Astaire par…Read More

  4. Gene Kelly In The Ballroom Dance Studio

    In our last blog, we discussed the talented but reluctant partnership of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. Their ballroom dance scenes inspired future dancers in many generations. Their dance routines were truly magical, yet they weren’t the only talented dancers of the old Hollywood silver screen. Years later, Gene Kelly’s flashy footwork would dominate movie screens during the 1940’s and 195…Read More

  5. Ginger Rogers And Fred Astaire In The Ballroom Dance Studio

    What’s the first vision that comes to mind when you think about ballroom dancing? It might be the old black and white Hollywood movies featuring couples dancing in sweeping movements across the screen. They appear effortless, as if they are dancing through air. One of the most famous dance partnerships on the silver screen features is Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. If you love to watch ballroom…Read More

  6. Engage In Creative Activity At Our Ballroom Dance Studio

    If you haven’t experienced the joy of modern ballroom dancing, then you’re missing out on a truly fun adventure. We’ve watched some of our beloved clients come out of their shells and experience a marvelous transformation while breaking a sweat. Like different languages, different types of ballroom dance speak to people differently. Some might enjoy the sensual movements of the tango, while …Read More

  7. Make Your Wedding Planning Easier By Hiring These People

    Even though it seems that your fiance proposed to you only yesterday, it’s time to get started on your wedding planning. You may have heard stories from friends and family members about the nightmare of wedding planning. When you plan an event as large as a wedding, you are faced with a seemingly insurmountable list of details to attend to. Bridesmaids must be selected, venues have to be tied do…Read More

  8. Helpful Tips For Planning Your Big Day

    Congratulations on your recent engagement! Getting married is considered one of the milestones in life, and this celebration of your love is a truly joyful experience. This could be the only time that most of your friends and family members are all gathered together in one place. That said, it’s up to you to plan the infinite details of your wedding, which you could decide to tackle yourself or …Read More

  9. Preparing For Your Wedding Dance

    It may seem like only yesterday that your longtime love got down on one knee and proposed to you. However, the date is set and it’s time to get to work planning your big day, which is an overwhelming, exhausting experience. You must consider even the smallest details, such as table cloth colors and silverware, all while deciding upon bridesmaids and what types of dresses they should wear. Not on…Read More

  10. How Ballroom Dance Competitions Are Judged

    After years of taking adult dance classes, you’re finally ready to take your skills to the next level by participating in ballroom dance competitions. Congratulations, because you are about to embark on a very rewarding endeavor! Nothing beats that adrenaline rush that you feel as you sway to the beat of the music in front of the spotlight. You know to practice your routine and choreography with…Read More