1. The Power Of Positive Encouragement At Our Dance Studio In Woodbridge

    Telling someone that you know “Hey, you got this — I believe in you!” can go a long way in providing a positive impact. Conversely, breaking them down with nasty and unwarranted discouragement can also make you look bad while cutting down their self-esteem. It’s a two-way street. Among the many things in life that are directly affected by your attitude and the attitude of others, summoning…Read More

  2. Social Ballroom Dance Classes And The Art Of Not Caring What Anyone Thinks

    It’s only natural to care about what other people think about ourselves. Humans are social creatures, and we tend to validate our self-worth through interactions with other people. At the expense of sounding like an armchair psychologist, we really do feel the need to be accepted by everyone else around us. It’s a fairly universal desire among people. Now, when it comes to dancing, it’s impe…Read More

  3. Social Ballroom Dance Lessons And Alleviating Your Anxiety

    Whether you’re ready for it or not, anxiety can strike at the worst of times. Of course, no one can truly prepare for anxiety because it’s something that just...well, it just happens and there’s really no other explanation for it. This seemingly unexplainable feeling of being uneasy and uncomfortable can be triggered by many different things. Naturally, what triggers anxiety in people is hig…Read More

  4. Social Dance Classes And Awkward Parts Of Dancing In Public

    You can dance if you want to, you can leave your friends behind...but if you or your friends don’t know how to dance or enjoy yourselves in a public dancing scenario, then you’re probably going to have an awkward time. You may be a “car dancer,” or someone who grooves in their car to the music blasting, preferably with the top down (unless your shame drives you to keep the top up). Maybe y…Read More

  5. Adult Dance Classes - A Resolution That You’ll Stick To

    Adult Dance Classes: A Resolution That You’ll Stick To!

    With another New Year comes the promise of a fresh start. It’s 2019; it’s a brand new calendar year, and it’s finally time to let go of 2018 and any of the negatives in your life associated with the year. How great is it that an arbitrary date allows us the opportunity to give life a bit of a do-over? If you’re like the majority of Americans, then you’re motivated and ready to act on the…Read More

  6. Celebrities Who Worked Their Way From Backup Dancing To Stardom

    In the world of the showbiz, you have to work your way to the top. That’s just a fact, and while fame can seemingly occur just about overnight, some of the most well-known names in the world flew under the radar for quite some time. At the end of the day — or at the end of our career, rather — we all have to start somewhere, right? Take An Adult Dance Class In Woodbridge With Us. Maybe You…Read More

  7. Why Should You Take Up Competitive Dancing

    Why Should You Take Up Competitive Dancing?

    The thrill of competition, to those that embrace it, is often unlike anything else. Distance runners love the excitement of giving it their all and passing another runner right before the finish line. Swimmers are bent on shaving literal milliseconds off of their swim times. Scoring that winning point to tip your team over to victory? There’s just nothing quite like the feeling of competing — …Read More

  8. How An Adult Dance Class Can Help You Stay In Good Shape

    How An Adult Dance Class Can Help You Stay In Good Shape

    As much as we try to eat healthily, get a good amount of sleep, drink plenty of water, and get some routine exercise in on a daily basis, it’s not always easy to stay in decent shape. Even if you’re not on a quest to get fit and build the perfect body, it’s important to focus on your health so that you can get the most fulfillment out of life. Being healthy and staying active just feels good…Read More

  9. Common Misconceptions About Dancing And Dance Classes

    To those who truly understand what dancing is like and how much fun the experience can be, we thank you. To those who don’t have much experience taking an adult dance class but have an open mind about it, we also appreciate you. As for those who think dancing is no more than wearing a pretty pink tutu and moving back and forth in silly motions, we think that this blog post will prove to be quite…Read More

  10. Safety Tips For Our Adult Dance Classes in Woodbridge

    Safety Tips For Our Adult Dance Classes In Woodbridge

    Dancing your heart out generally results in a great time. Even those who visit Modern Ballroom Dance Studio with no previous dancing experience, or no interest in dancing, end up having a surprisingly fun evening. We love when our students are pleasantly surprised! Enjoying Our Adult Dance Classes For Years To Come While our dance classes for adults are no doubt an enjoyable learning experience, y…Read More