About the Owner

Landra Vallejos has been in the ballroom dancing industry since 1999. Having worked professionally for Arthur Murray Franchised schools as well as in her own dance studio, she brings 16 years of experience as a dance instructor, dance competitor, dance trainer, studio manager, and studio owner. In her experience with the Arthur Murray organization, she won several awards which acknowledged her excellence in all these roles. These included the “Top New Student Director” Award and the “Top Manager” Award. In 2004, she achieved highly-coveted international recognition within the organization by receiving the “Top Overall Instructor Award World-Wide” for the year.

Although Landra is well-recognized for the high quality of her teaching at all levels of dancing—from beginner to advanced—in her career as dance instructor, she quickly developed a reputation for having the gift of teaching new students during ballroom dance classes. She makes learning how to dance easy and fun and keeps her students motivated and coming back for more.

On a competitive level, Landra is known as “Fearless” by the people who know her best. Her dedication to the sport of competitive dancing has caught the attention of students, judges, and fellow staff members. The mindset which drives her competitive spirit is a determination to always be the best, not solely on the basis of talent, but more importantly, on the willingness to put in the hard work, day in and day out, which is needed to stand out amongst fellow competitors.

The creativity demanded of choreography makes it an area of special interest to Landra. She is inspired by the need to tell the story that unfolds when a musical piece serves as backdrop to a dance. She trains her students (and staff) on exactly how to portray emotions through not just dancing but also through body language and focal points. Because a routine with no story is like watching a movie with no plot, Landra spends hours making sure her innovative choreography matches a student’s personality. The excellence of her students’ performance of show routines has been recognized through attainment of the “Top Overall Showcase Routine Award” at national competitions.

For wedding couples, Landra understands that what makes the first dance so special is the celebration of the bride and groom. Whether a bridal couple is looking for something simple or more in-depth, her goal is to personalize the first dance to the song chosen by the couple and develop a choreography suited to their personality. To accomplish this, she considers how a couple’s learning ability and vision can be coaxed into the development of something better than expected.

To sum up, Landra has a passion for dancing and a love for people. She has set out on a mission to change the dance industry one step at a time by providing excellent instruction in her ballroom dance studio, and the interpersonal supports which will improve the overall learning experience for every person that walks through her doors. In her own words, “I want everyone walking into my studio to feel as comfortable as walking into their own home. We are family, a dancing family that will continue to grow year after year!”